The announcement of the competition

I'm sure many have heard about the release of the new affiliate program from and of course on this occasion it was decided to run MEGABANKERS! It is worth noting — to participate in it will be like the existing partners and newcomers alike.

In order to diversify the competition and allow him to participate in the maximum number of partners, it was decided to make just 4 directions and now everyone will be able to choose a path that is closest to their liking. Thus you can win not one prize, but several.

The announcement of the competition

What are these directions?

1. Competition reviews

Everything is simple: you write an honest review of the affiliate program, do not forget to specify all of its pros, cons and features you found useful (or useless). The review should definitely add your suggestions for improving the affiliate programs that seem unnecessary, but something was missing. Write all the thoughts and to receive a cash prize. Participate can any blogger or webmaster.

Affiliate program

The competition is held: 3 Nov 2015 — 31 Dec 2015

2. The competition partners

Conditions are simple and straightforward: you bring in as many new traders after the registration in the system of replenishment of the Deposit. Guaranteed cash prizes to everyone who brings a number of new traders. More: top 5 partners will receive 10% deduction from each transaction is given a trader all of 2016.

The announcement of the competition

The competition is held: 3 Nov 2015 — 31 Dec 2015

3. Contest for webmasters

Required: create a website in the category "binary options" Create a website in the category "binary options" as option it can be:

  • website with articles and related systems
  • blog with the strategies of earning on the stock exchange
  • project with personal stories of successful traders
  • any other site of your choice.

Affiliate Program

The contest is held:

Until 31 January 2016 – the creation of the website and its expert Committee
Until April 30, 2016 – maximum amount of deposits which the project was able to bring to the system during the passage of the competition.

Also provided prizes and gifts for the best content on the site, beautiful design or the most thoughtful usability.

4. Ideas competition

Here the flight of creativity and imagination. You can offer original ideas for banners, landing pages, websites and other promotional materials. The best 5 ideas will be awarded prizes — $100.

How to make money on binary options

More information and registration form here

As you can see — doesn't work just lazy. Take close to you like the topic and go to earn money!

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