Business online: how to start a novice?

Like everything else in this world, the ways of earnings on the Internet are constantly changing. If 10 years ago you could just create regular sites from scanned books and make them a good business just by selling links, now it is not working.

If before every rookie could make warez TOS (the"govnosaytov"), throwing at him all sorts of files and get tons of traffic and a lot of money with SMS affiliate programs, horse racing exchanges, and just teasers, but now it has become more difficult at times. I purposely miss more than 10-ka known to me ways of getting free money on the Internet, as most of them simply become ineffective, let's understand — what are the ways of earnings on the Internet suitable for the beginner to understand the current realities.

Ways to make money online in 2014

1. The creation of a "public" or group Vkontakte with a purpose

It's all quite simple. You create the social network Vkontakte public or group page ("public") and post certain information on it. The goal is selling physical goods. Next you need to promote the group (to start inviting friends) and have to sell their products.

Example: the Dahlem group about women's jewelry. Order in China party jewelry, photograph it, make a quality photo, description, and posted in the group.

In fact, there are countless options. You can do absolutely any subject and find a way to make money. For example, even if your hobby is to sew dolls Tilda, you can collect themed audience Vkontakte in their group and to sell them your creations 🙂

Earnings in the public Vkontakte

2. Website creation and earnings on it

Website creation is a more complex method, but also more interesting. To start:

  • Select a topic for a future site, based on what you know best and are confident that we can tell anything in this thread. It may be laying laminate flooring, and can be embroidery with beads.
  • Consider just how you will monetize your website is to obtain money from him. For example, in the case of laying laminate, you can write good articles and videos, and the monetization to offer their services.
  • Build your website on WordPress and fill it for several months of interesting content. Write articles, take pictures and videos, develop your project and earnings will not be forthcoming.

3. Create a YouTube channel and earn money on it

Surely everyone knows YouTube is a service with millions of videos that any user can add and view. But not everyone knows that they make money. Here the formula is simple: the more interesting the video the more views it will get, the higher your earnings.

Earnings on YouTube online

Scheme earnings is simple: create a channel on YouTube, shoot a cool video that will be fun to watch the people and get the money from YouTube and several other extra sources.

What themes to shoot video? Yes, any. The concept is simple — for example, some will order things in the online stores, remove the related packages, unpacking everything and people are willing to watch them, and the authors in addition to money with advertising on YouTube, earn by selling some things (well, that's another story, will tell later 🙂 )

See also: why you should optimize YouTube videos

4. Arbitration traffic

This method of earning online is quite interesting and will appeal primarily to those who can sell. If you have successful experience in different markets (all sorts of "markets" do not count 🙂 ), you have the marketing flair and the ability to think analytically — this method is for you.

Earnings on arbitration traffic

There is no need to create any website that does not have to do groups in social networks and understand various technical wisdom, no. Here you just need to think as a trader, know how to give a man the goods, to be able to analyze and draw conclusions on the basis of which to make money, lots of money. Drawback of this method — you need a starting budget of 1000$ which can be lost.

5. Creating your own online store

This can be any affiliate store, or your own products. The first option is the least "surprised when" — you don't need to worry for the goods, delivery, logistics, etc. but we have to settle for a pathetic percent.

Create online store

The case of own goods, even very profitable, but much more labor-intensive. You need to negotiate with suppliers to rent space for storing goods, having office, logistics planning, etc. It can be very difficult for beginners, so for start I recommend staying on the first option, after studying the market, it is possible to implement a full online store.

With the exception of those cases when you already have your shop or any business offline, then creating an online store or the official website just be sure.

In conclusion

Of course this is not all ways to make money online for the beginner. They certainly many times more but this top 5 can be called the basis. Moreover, for each item typed a dozen ways to make money, but should start with the basics and as you go deeper you will discover all-new ways. 🙂

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