Boom Social is a social explosion!

Generally a plug-Boom Social, WordPress I originally purchased for the function of concealing the content under the social buttons. Primarily wanted to test how effectively will operate this "trick" on one of their projects, but in the end I was hooked quite a different function.

What can Social Boom

  1. To hide the content under the social buttons
  2. Display a popup with any content on top of the site (Fancybox)
  3. Withdraw the strip at the top or bottom of your website with social buttons

Well now all the points.

1. Hiding content

After activating this function you have in the editor there is a special button, clicking on which you can hide part of the text under the "Hyde", which opens only after clicking likes or repost.

Boom Social - hiding content

And that's how it looks in the article (the appearance of the inscriptions fully customizable):

Plug-Boom Social, WordPress

After clicking on the link, there are the social buttons.

Boom Social for WordPress

It is worth noting that the effect is checked and the text appears only if the user actually do repost, like or posted in the VC.

Hiding text in a Social Boom

In the settings of this function you can specify the text that will be displayed instead of hidden by it's color, font size, etc. Also it is possible to make the text under the Hyde hidden from search engines.

2. A pop-up window over page content

This feature proved very useful for me and just blew my groups and public 🙂 . In order to pique your interest, show just a couple of screenshots from two different groups.

Boom Social the plugin Boom Social - promotion for groups

But the statistics of attendance groups.

Boom Social is a plugin for WordPress Boom Social is a plugin for WordPress

Explanation: it is worth noting that the plugin installed on 2 sites with attendance of 8-12K uniques on each and this caused such a number of conversions and new members. However, even on a site with 300 visitors a day is good.

Looks like a pop-up window.

A pop-up window Boom Social

In the window you can display absolutely any content, whether in form of subscription, advertising, and anything at all. The display style can also be easy to set up.

According to my observations — a link to close the window reduces by several times the number to join the group, but also less irritating for users.

In the options you can specify after a period of time will appear a window, how many times to display it to the user how many days to repeat screenings of the window and whether it should emerge only for the guests who came from search, either for all users of the website.

Boom Social is a pop-up window

And below is a special window where you can insert any code, whether it is the social widgets, forms, subscriptions, tweets, tape, whatever. Also I recommend just framing the thing in "diva" and add styles in style.css.

Boom Social - settings window

3. Striped social buttons

This option displays at the bottom or top of the screen, striped social buttons. I personally this tool is not used, because I think it is more to annoy users than to give tangible effect. I reasoned thus — if I went to the site and the article I liked, I want to share it or save to social. networks, I will find where is the button and make a repost. Therefore, the point of "standing out" no 🙂

Boom Social - strip

But in General, I think that this feature will work well on all sorts of news portals.

Settings stripes Boom Social

In the settings you can set the color, text to be displayed before buttons, and choose what buttons you want to show.

Some insights

Can the popup have a negative impact on behavioral factors, etc.?

Tested on 3 different projects this plugin, I noticed no appreciable effect plug-in:

  • Bounce rate
  • The indexing of the site
  • Positions in search engines

But in the case of groups, the positive result is visible already in the first day after the installation of Boom Social for website.

The cost of the license of the plugin just 595 rubles and buy it here. Personally, I immediately took on 3 sites in 895 RUB a Lot or not? Judge for yourself: even if you take the cost of the subscriber group on the subject "tourism" and "mobile device" at 3-5 rubles a day, the plugin saves you from 1000 rubles 🙂


  1. George

    Yes, long ago drew attention to this plugin. It turns out when you buy multi-license discount. Look there is unlimited license. I hope the license for the right of permanent use, no time restrictions?

    1. Glyzhev

      I think that, Yes.

  2. Excellent_Pro

    I bought this plugin (license for 3 sites) July 19, the public had 600 subscribers today, September 19 — the number of subscribers 6000! For two months, the number increased 10 times. In fact, you do nothing and your website visitors are actively participating in your page in VC, expand it and encourage other users to do the same! Worth experimenting with the settings of the plugin, in order to reduce the number of unsubscribe and to add new interesting content to the page — then a couple of months will be able to earn a money from its public 😉

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