Is there a drawdown of traffic when moving to https?

Fall attendance when migrating a website to https? For example, this blog you can see what's going on.

Traffic on the website during the transition to https

If to take separately, the Yandex:

Will drop traffic from Yandex when switching to https

and Google:

Will drop traffic from Google when switching to https

What are the conclusions?

While the situation is not very clear. Since the transition it has been exactly 3 weeks. I confess, it was expected that Google traffic will increase slightly, and Yandex will fall, but statistics see otherwise. However, there are plenty of factors influencing promotion. We'll keep looking. My opinion is that traffic has not changed, fluctuations of +-10% is not enough about what I say.

The answers to the questions:

1. To gauge whether this website is being done?

Nothing. 2 years anything. To consider only the social signals in the form of links to YouTube videos, given the references in the video which are the transitions and links in the description below the video. But they are few and affixed was a year ago

2. That was done special?

The procedure was something like this:

  • Connected certificate
  • In robots.txt added a Directive to the Host where domain is listed with httpS
  • Added a redirect in .htaccess (although Yandex recommends not to do it at least 2 weeks)
  • Panel Google and Yandex webmasters changed the main mirror of the site on the domain with https
  • Panel Google and Yandex webmasters added a new site with https

3. And how are you doing?

Write in the comments and ask questions.

Video: easy way to switch to httpS

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