Justified Image Grid is a beautiful gallery of photos

If your website is full of different photos, or you just want to set a collage of photos on the pages of your blog, the plugin Justified Image Grid is a very interesting solution. Using this miracle, you can quickly and easily create beautiful galleries and collages of your photos on the website, allowing you to effectively engage users with the content.

What can the plugin?

To create things like these amazing gallery with flexible settings.

The Justified Image Grid plugin for WordPress Creating galleries in WordPress - Justified Image Grid Justified Image Grid - plugin Justified Image Grid review plugin

And even here are collages from a mini-gallery.

Justified Image Grid is a beautiful gallery of photos

Actually a lot of variants, but all with plenty of settings. Now go through the options.

Setting Justified Image Grid

The settings in the plugin very much and you can set a huge number of default values.

Justified Image Grid

I would not advise them to go because all those options can be set directly when adding a gallery in the editor. Here you can set:

  • The height of the columns
  • The height of the rows
  • The distance between the thumbnails
  • The padding around the photo
  • The speed of the animation
  • Behavior on mouse hover
  • Disable the right mouse button and much more.

How to add gallery in the article?

After activating the plugin in the editor there is a special button


clicking on which you can call the dialog to add a gallery.

Justified Image Grid - add gallery entry

Don't be scared of all these settings, the main thing — to enter the ID of the image and code to embed in the article. Where to get these IDs? Either in the media library, or simply create a regular WordPress gallery, and trivial to copy the ID from there.

How to create a gallery on WordPress

Justified Image Grid for WordPress

Setting Justified Image Grid

Justified Image Grid is a beautiful gallery of photos

Put the Justified Image Grid article

Ready! Now your beautiful gallery will be displayed in the article 🙂

Conflict with FancyBox

Many webmasters use on their sites, the plugin FancyBox, which allows you to display images on the website on content, and not in a separate window. So this plugin is not that conflicts with it, but it is not entirely correct. Fixed it very simply — you just select the Lightbox — Colorbox.

Justified Image Grid

With these settings it is also worth to indulge — there are a lot of different effects and stuff.

Where to download Justified Image Grid

Download on Themeforest on the official plugin page. Cost — 28$. Expensive? I do not think, as the plugin can be used on unlimited number of sites and it gives a real opportunity to create a beautiful and original sites with multimedia content 🙂 .

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