How to make money on tickets and other things "tourism"

If you are the owner of a tourism site, you have probably heard about Travelpayouts affiliate program popular service where you can earn money by selling tickets to the affiliate link. Heard? Then read on, if not, then go ahead to register and explore this wonderful program.

Chips and secrets

How much can you earn on airline and travel sites

And I will continue. I don't have the tourist sites, but there is little blozhek about Thailand, which I kept until traveled to Melt, and then abandoned, as the material for the publication I'm out. Later it was decided to transfer him to a website about all of Asia and we are working on its content.

Since the inception of this blog I tried to monetize it through various affiliate programs, including Travelpayouts.comwhich has a simply gorgeous set of various tools:

How to earn tickets
  • Widgets search hotels and flights
  • Widgets maps hotels and airline tickets
  • Normal text links
  • Graphic banners
  • Widgets calendar, subscriptions, and popular destinations, etc.

Each widget requires an individual approach to the placement on the website and if you do everything right — always something Yes will earn 🙂 . Here's an example I placed the widgets of hotels in the relevant sections of the blog:

Map of accommodation earnings to Travelpayouts

I can not say that this unit brings a lot of conversions, but for some users it would be useful and it's a plus for the site.

What are the features?

1. Adaptability

Keep in mind that elements can be adaptive (the ability to adapt to any screen size), or Vice versa — non-adaptive. This is very important because with smartphones sitting for more than half the users and they at all desire will not be able to order anything on the website if the search form will look skewed.

Earn by booking hotels
The solution: use check in Google Crome, emulating the resolution of different mobile devices. It'll be just fine:
Adaptive search form located on the

If you are in shape, check them out now — probably more will become clear 🙂

2. Prescribed directions at once in the form

Don't be lazy! If you just take the form code in the affiliate program and will insert in the article without any changes, it will work 10 times worse than with the changes. Look carefully the user manual to the code and you will see that you can pre-set the name of the directions, the date of arrival, departure and more.

So it should look like the form, if the article is about Phuket:

The sale of tickets and earnings on them

This can be done both manually, via code, or directly in the editor widgets TravelPayouts.

3. Experiment with colors

Think about the psychology of the average user, the novice backpacker. People are going to go, say in Thailand and began to study materials on this issue. Looking for hotels looking reviews, examining prices on tickets, what the flight is looking better which is worse etc. And everywhere, everywhere, on all sites, he sees the same thing — the same shape ordering of tickets from Aviasales, same banners, and the blocks that are there by default in affiliate programs and he / she stops to notice them, as well as to buy something for him.

It is an indisputable fact, which is familiar to the owners of the popular forums — there is a constant audience did not notice the advertisement and earnings with practically no, unless you use other, more in-depth, personalized ways.

Solution: customize the colors, sizes, fonts where possible. Use third-party plugins for affiliate programs, which allow more flexibility to customize the appearance of elements to carry out their Analytics and get more sales.

4. Third-party plug-ins and solutions

Making low the efficiency of standard solutions and approaches, I thought about developing your own WordPress plugin, using which you can effectively monetize the audience of tourism projects. This was the beginning of our plugin BestFly.

BestFly plugin 1.0 - widget

It was first created blocks to the sidebar that allow you to place widgets ready with tickets. If configured correctly, to maximize their visibility and as a consequence — to get maximum conversions at affiliate program. Here is a video about BestFly 1.0 how to effectively use widgets for the sidebar.

BestFly 2.0

Later decided to go a step further and added the widgets that can be embedded directly in the article, once in 2 versions: text (links) and teasers.

BestFly 2.0 - teaser block

Prices are updated automatically, so the site is always current the price tag on the tickets.

Best Fly 2.0 text widget

Did the shortcode generator through which widgets can be attached to any article.

BestFly plugin 2.0 for WordPress

It should be noted the number of transitions the program immediately increased in 3-4 times. And here's the first conversion:

Earnings on BestFly 2.0

Using Analytics, determine that the sale was with subid widget located in the sidebar, this marker was asked of me for him.

How to make money by selling tickets and how much

Separate tokens are specified for each widget in articles, which allows to clearly see where selling. Moreover, every widget, every teaser, every link is set to your event for Google Analytics.

Analytics events

According to preliminary tests, the conversion of these widgets to approximately 2.5-3%.

Conversion to ticket sales

Of course the attendance of my project is too low to make any conclusions, details to test the plugin, play around with the colors of the elements and thereby increase conversion. Here is a video in the second version.

Video: BestFly 2.0

Download the plugin here.

So what is the result?

The whole meaning could be summed up in one word — uniqueness. Or if you prefer, in two — individual approach.

How to make money by selling tickets

Customize, experiment with colors, use Analytics, and everything will be 😉 If the article was useful to you, click on the buttons below.

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