How to use the same domain in many CPA affiliate programs

Probably every beginner arbitrage EA encountered a situation when trying to add advertisements in the public Vkontakte, or a link to the offer, and the evil moderator doesn't pass πŸ™‚ . The worst that can be only built-in filters VC, which is simply not allowed for a user is showing information that link viral (or something). Then the question arises β€” how to use your domain and to do this with minimal cost? Below I'll tell you how to implement these things.

Action plan

Almost every self-respecting affiliate and the affiliate has the possibility of Parking domains. Today I'll touch on 3 of them, with whom he worked:

  1. KMA.BIZ

First of all, we need to register domain and hosting. All you will need no more than 200 rubles. What hosting? To it we attach the domain and will be able to manage DNS and to create a strip if necessary. You can certainly do without hosting and use the DNS management Registrar, but in this case, the domain will not be complete, and not every Registrar offers free management Diskami.


So hosting will choose the cheapest, but good, for example HTS.RU. Rate for $ 85 per month will be enough to accommodate 10-key pads, and manage the DNS of our domain. You can buy a domain in the zone RU, for 89 rubles at the same Reghouse. Suppose that you already bought, paid for access to the hosting and got a working account. Now go into control panel and add the domain.

Their domains for CPA affiliate programs

After adding find it in the domain list and press. In my case it

How to use the same domain in many CPA affiliate programs

Click on "Tools β€” "DNS.


There's actually produced all the action. Please note entries for different affiliate programs β€” some give CNAME entry, other A.

Manage DNS of domain HTS.RU

Now focus on each PP.

Adding a domain in KMA.BIZ

Go into the office program and select "domain Parking".

How to add domain in KMA.BIZ

Here we enter our subdomain and add it in PP.

Add your own domain in KMA.BIZ

Now back to the control panel DNS hosting and add to our subdomain as a A record using Here it is:

Add a subdomain KMA.BIZ

As you can see β€” all very simply. Now I have to wait 12 hours until you clean the cache providers and your domain will work πŸ™‚ . With regard to the use in the affiliate program you just need to choose the link with the new domain when stream copying.

Their domains s KMA.BIZ

Parking domains

Everything is similar, but will have to add a CNAME record.

Parking domains

Parking its subdomains

Parking domains

And here is how it looks in the DNS dashboard. Please note β€” the point at the end of a CNAME is required!

Parking domains on Actionpay

To use an already added domain, select it here:

Domain Parking in Actionpay

Adding a domain to

Everything is also quite simple. Go to the tab "Sites and domains".

Parking domains

Enter the name of the domain and in the panel DNS is added to this subdomain CNAME record as in the case of Actionpay (see above). Once the name is parked, it is sufficient to select the domain when creating the site:

Parking domains at bigon

As you can see β€” everything is easy. With regard to the use of subaccounts and other labels, it works the same as with the original domain of PP.

Also you can help: how to use "deeplink" at Admitad and AD1

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  1. Sergey

    1.And what subdomain to be parked on the partnership if your hosting is?
    2.What to do subdomains?You can implement мойсайт.ru/krest/ well, tolkko subfolders to change for individual products.Or subdomains need to when entering them as separate sites in the "black list"(e.g., SPAM traffic), the main domain does not suffer?

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