How can I make money on the clones — case

Actually this case here right now there in my head, and how to implement it, I will not (a lot of work without that), decided to share with you. So, let's make a popular now the offer Aliexpress. I have written repeatedly about ways of earning on this offer and more info if you want you can read in the article:

  1. Earn on Aliexpress
  2. YouTube and CPA — a double profit

Well, I will continue.

On what we earn?

A little "water": the market of smartphones and tablets is now the most developed among the techniques and every year, every major player: Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony releases a new flagship. Some devices perform better than others, and those, which become very popular among users, attract the attention of the Chinese masters who prepare in advance your copies of these smartphones or tablets.

Sometimes you wonder how the quality could be fake. Here for example, the analogue of the "bent" smartphone Samsung Galaxy Round.

Of course the price of the top new products is quite large and usually varies between 600$ and 900$. Many users can't afford to buy the coveted smartphone and are happy with Chinese clones — this is our target audience.

Study demand

Go to Wordstat and "punch" all kinds of queries, for example: "!remark !galaxy", "!clone !galaxy", "!Chinese !galaxy", "!Chinese !iphone", "!replica galaxy", etc. Is to think a little head and such requests can find a lot. Here's an example of some of the most popular:

Earnings in the Chinese clones

Buyers of such devices is clearly aware of what to buy is fake and not original and that they are quite satisfied. Moreover, they generate a deeper queries like "!mtk galaxy", "!hdc galaxy" etc. Your task is to collect as many queries of different brands, to drive them through a Key Collector, to collect the semantic kernel, and to start creating a website.

Making a website

I recommend just to create some semblance of an online store. This is not so difficult, but the conversion is certainly higher than on a conventional website.

Step by step:

1. Go to Themeforest and find a suitable topic. For example, you can take the theme Vendor is ideal. Now maybe this is what your store on this subject:

Earnings on clone phones

And here need to write description. How to do it read below.

Setting up shop on WordPress

2. Select domain.

There are a lot of variants. You can use a domain key:, or and you can "skreativit" In fact, options very, very much. Get creative and come up with an interesting domain.

3. Create a website.

The technical details of website creation, I will not go. Buy a domain and a theme, download the latest version of WordPress and all necessary plugins, including Woocommerce module, which will provide the functioning of our shop. Of course you can not do the shop, and confine itself to creating a normal website for some beautiful themes — the choice is yours.

4. Write articles (if a website) or create products (if store) for each key. Be sure to optimize the website, what to do now has become very simple using the new plugin:

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Before writing the article you need to go on AliExpress or other affiliate store and look for an item of your key. As soon as the item found — write an article on it. It is worth to prepare the affiliate link using a Deeplink. How it works, read the article:

What to eat Deeplink

Special attention should be paid to the optimization of records with goods. Properly optimize Title and Description, harmoniously using the direct entry key. Use 1 time a straight key in the product description. No longer need to allocate fat also not necessary, just directly enter. The volume description is 1500-2000 characters, be sure to insert images (pictures can be taken from the AliExpress website) and videos. On YouTube you can find an overview of almost any Chinese smartphone, if not, insert the overview is similar, not forgetting to mention that in the product description.

5. Make the project as close as possible to SDL (Site For People).

You need to create a public of VK, Twitter accounts and Facebook. Set auto-repost all of your accounts in these social networks, try wherever possible to communicate in public, make it as interesting and pleasant for people.

What to pay attention

If you have decided to organize a shop, on any special subject, you will have to replace the button "add to cart" button, when clicked, will go to a partner shop for this product.

Earnings on Aliexpress

For this purpose, when creating pages, you need to add an arbitrary field, for example name it as pplink.

How to add a button

Go to the control panel, select "screen options" in the upper right corner and turn on there is display of optional fields.

To enable the display of custom fields WordPress

Now scroll down under the edit window record and there added a new custom field.

How can I make money on the clones - case

Enter its name, in this example, pplink, as well as ready-made and shortened deeplink on the product. A link to an article about the generation deeplinks I gave above, where you can read the details and watch the video how to get it.

Now, when you add each new item, you just need to select this field and enter the link. But that's not all, we need to add the button in code. This editable template ID of our item card (record) button and instead of the basket insert our button with a link, the value of which will be taken from custom fields. Here's is the code:

Earnings in the Chinese fakes

It checks whether the value of the custom field pplink and if any, it displays a button with a link. Also from here there is a setting for event tracking in Google Analytics.

You need to download the network picture button and upload it to your website, and my code is buy_clone.png. Find the many buttons in pictures Google.

Button to buy for your WordPress site

The results

Now you just have to write articles under the keys to find a model in the partner stores, and post links. As the indexation of articles and promotion of your website pages will generate traffic that converts into sales. Here's an example of how much can you earn from the sale of the Chinese clone Galaxy Note 4:

How can I make money on the clones - case

If you have questions, ask, if you decide to implement, write, help than I can 🙂 .

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