As a newcomer to find a niche for your website?

Standard situation: you can't do anything on the Internet except to use it, but have learned that it is possible to make the Internet a lot, creating websites. You want to try your hand in this case and already a little I figured out how to create your first website, but then the question arises — what to do the website? Below I have compiled some of my thoughts on the matter.

What to do the website?

The first and most basic rule — make a website that just draws you more and what you are most interested in life. After all, if you are doing any business in real life and it you really like, then online you will be very interested in doing a website on this subject and to help other people who also like you have a similar hobby.

For example:

1. You're just a fan of bicycles. Know all models of bikes, can with your eyes closed to disassemble and reassemble your bike, consider yourself a Pro in this business.

To create a website about bikes

Make a website for bikes. In parallel, create a YouTube channel where you post different videos and put links to your website in the description. This can be a video "how to remove the rear wheel or adjust the shifters". Try to make content that will convey your expertise to people to help them and success will not keep you waiting.

Monetization: advertising, Google Adsense and Yandex Direct, create your shop, and in the future and bicycles, the placement of banners of other shops etc. The mass of options.

2. You engaged in repair of apartments. Really love your work, and in their spare time want to have a website.

Great! This is exactly what you've been missing for happiness. Take pictures and video the whole process of your work day and in the evening write articles on your website about repairs, laying out photos and videos, open to people some simple and effective methods in repairs and they will reward you with likes, and your site will grow.

Monetization: advertising, Google Adsense and Yandex Direct, selling their services (if you "sharpen" the site under your region for example). Selling a variety of goods for repair, design, etc. through partner shops.

3. You love to go camping, travel, etc.

The answer is obvious here — make a website about it, tell about his travels. Most likely you thought, but just waiting for you tons of unique and interesting content every day.

A website about the forest

Even wandering through the woods, just gathering mushrooms and berries, all you can shoot video, take beautiful photos and then tell your readers why the mushroom to collect is not worth it, and these berries are more delicious at the end of September 🙂

Site about berries

Monetization: advertising, Google Adsense and Yandex Direct, selling various equipment for Hiking. If a site with a bias in tourism and travel, the sale of tickets (unwillingness from Aviasales), selling and organizing excursions, hikes etc.

4. Do you like flowers?

Just fine. Why not make a site about these wonderful plants, which are able to give us a sea of positive emotions. All you need is a smartphone with a good camera. Just go and take photos of the flowers, try to understand what the flower is called and how to grow. All this lay out on your wonderful website and let it become your very own, beautiful garden.

A website about flowers how to create

Monetization: advertising Google Adsense. The organization of the flower shop on the basis of the site, service to order and deliver flowers.

These are some of the examples that can be implemented. As you can see, with creativity, you can always create a great website, the best in the niche and earn it by posting useful information for its users and advertising.

How can one find a niche?

If you have no hobby and you do not see the things that really fascinated you, then look for a niche that you are closer to the soul. Even if you just love to lie on the sofa and watch TV or TV shows on the tablet to play Far Cry on your computer or just listen to music, you can always make a website about IT and find like-minded people.

Use tools to analyze niches, such as Wordstat and Key Collector, explore your competitors, consider what opportunities there are in your specific case and boldly make a website!

Believe me, success will not take long, the key is to just move forward and excited to work. It is not necessary to look back and look with envy at competitors — you are inherently better than them, just you need to work a little to uncover the huge potential that lies in each person from birth 🙂 .

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