How to create and promote your online store

How to create an online store yourself? This question sooner or later ask themselves entrepreneurs successfully trading in the real world. Like it or not, online business is becoming increasingly important and many prefer to order all kinds of products on AliExpress than to wander through the markets in search of the right things.

Immediately see: how to create an online store quickly in the constructor

Regarding entrepreneurs, some are willing to invest considerable budgets and such people are advised to contact the specialized web-Studio where they will create a powerful and well-functioning shop that can work with thousands of products. But most small businesses just are not ready to invest 100 000 rubles in the creation of an online store, it is not necessary, because for many enough simple store 50-100 of goods that it is possible to create your own.

From water — to the point. Details after studying this article, you will be able to create a few days of your online shop on WordPress and immediately receive your first sale.

How to create an online store yourself

So, some time ago, I'm on your channel posted a video for beginners to build a website and turning it into a online store. Recommended that you study all the videos, I see no need to repeat it in text form as it is always 1 better to see once. Below I systematized all the information and created a step-by-step instruction.

Lesson 0 (enter) — website creation in WordPress

Lesson 1 — creating an online store

Lesson 2 — setting up an online store

Lesson 3 — how to configure WooCommerce

Lesson 4 — promotion, SEO optimization of the online store

Lesson 5 — customize the appearance of your website

Lesson 6 — connect the payment system, the installation of meters

Lesson 7 — how to put social buttons to blog and protect the store

Lesson 8 — where to get customers in the online store

Lesson 9 — how to speed up website and other improvements

Lesson 10 — how to create a button "custom"

Lesson 11 — how to set up the payment on the card by number and translate the templates (themes)

Lesson 12 — how to set up events in Google Analytics and customize the delivery

Lesson 13 — custom master page — Page Biluder or Visual Composer

Lesson 14 — how to quickly set up a beautiful appearance + new template

Lesson 15 — how to connect the payment Yandex Money and Webmoney

Lesson 16 — how to customize premium template for WooCommerce 3.0

Lesson 17 — customizing themes Woostroid — part 2

Lesson 18 — connection of payment cards on the website

Lesson 19 — easy way to create online store

In this tutorial I show you how to quickly setup your store to WooCommerce using WebPoint premium template Store. It is the most urgent lesson added in 2020 and on it you can very easily and quickly set up shop. Link to the template here, the promo code for 10% discount: beprofy


  1. Register domain name if EN is cheap here
  2. Order hosting for example here
  3. Automatically install WordPress directly from the options of hosting that is available on most of them.
  4. Download and install theme for the store. A lot of them, I recommend Mega Shop or a newer Boulder that has a more modern design and the possibility of a landing of your goods.
  5. Install required plugins to work shop: Cyr to Lat enhanced, WooCommerce, Saphali Woocommerce Russian, Page Builder by SiteOrigin.
  6. Custom WooCommerce as we need, setting all the parameters, such as: currency, shop, shipping, taxes etc
  7. Custom shop, special attention should be paid to the setup of CNC and etc.
  8. Creating categories of goods.
  9. Add about 10 test items in different categories in order to visually customize our store.
  10. Check the how does the ordering of the goods, which come out of admin, try to put a product to the cart and do all the actions that will make a potential buyer: check on the website, order processing, and so on.
  11. Go to admin panel and check that our order added successfully.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

1. What to do if WooCommerce in English?

Apparently you have not worked on automatic translation, which is already in the latest versions of WooCommerce.

Solution: need to manually update the translations by going to WooCommerce settings (see lesson 3, 4:06). If that doesn't work, you need to connect via FTP and manually upload files of Russification in the folder wp-content/languages/plugins. Download the archive here of course you need to unzip.

2. In the transition section of the product website gives a 404 error — what to do?

Everything is simple, for some reason, the URL address of the product category is displayed in Russian "product-category" that is not working properly and gives an error 404.

Solution: need to manually change the settings of the CNC for these categories in the WordPress options. See how to do it in the video, lesson 3, 44:20

3. In the template "MegaShop" truncates product names — how to fix?

It is so decided by the developers that the product was beautiful.

Solution: edit the file content-product.php. Find it via FTP and find the function in

instead put .

The article will be constantly updated, all questions can ask in the comments, but to quickly get the answer, write in this topic

If you do not want to bother, can enjoy the shop I have here

Attention! My new course for beginners — how to create an online store on OpenCart , I recommend you watch it, everything is very convenient!


  1. Victor

    I did not understand if you do not connect a payment system!and leave the payment of imposed duties,how does the process of buying goods and selling??

    1. Glyzhev

      As you want to. You decide how to do it. For example, see ordering see ordering phone, call the client and discuss with him the details of delivery and cash on delivery. As usual, as do all online shopping. What is the complexity???

  2. Andrew

    Hello, everything is clear and understandable. Thank you for these lessons, only one can not understand where to translate the phrase "0 items" ?

    1. Glyzhev

      Hello. items need to translate in header.php

  3. Andrew

    Hello, can you help me to set up a Newsletter ? And how much will it cost?

      1. Andrew

        I'm all thrown off. Will wait for a response.

        1. Glyzhev

          Answered. For some reason, the spam got a letter.

  4. Vyacheslav

    Hello when you download the theme You suggest gives "the size of the uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize value is set in the php file.ini." Can you please tell me what to do

  5. Vyacheslav

    Hello, please tell me how the side menu to make the left, write the phone number and change the color of the top menu, thanks in advance

    1. Glyzhev

      Hello. In lessons all russiano, I see no reason to rewrite what is already shown in the video, please see.

  6. Vitaly

    And how to make the widgets menus like on aliexpress That is, in the main it is not, and when you come into a certain category, then they can choose several options, such as filters?

    Also would like to know if there are opportunities you have to sell the MegaShop theme that you bought for half its value? To remake myself under.

    1. Glyzhev

      In this template it menu problematic to implement, without substantial revision, you can use other themes with similar features. You can also distribute the rubrics and TP, but by attributes, and other separation — no.

      1. Vitaly

        You can buy plug-in filters from saphali, the cost is $ 50

  7. Roman Piotrowski

    Hello! Thank You for useful lessons. Please tell me. But how exactly to update the theme?

    1. Glyzhev

      Hello. Download new version and update. If changed files then it is worth considering that when you upgrade the changes will disappear.

  8. Roman Piotrowski

    I have downloaded a theme not of. site. I will be able to update it?

    1. Glyzhev

      Probably not, unless you find a online in its new version.

  9. Roman Piotrowski

    Thank you. I'll try to find.

  10. Roman Piotrowski

    Alex, please tell me. And perhaps a theme to put a different color? I want Electronics (blue). Thank you.

    1. Glyzhev

      if I understand you correctly — this is a subsidiary theme of megashop, it should also upload and activate in admin panel.

        1. Glyzhev

          perhaps any, may be associated with the fact that the archive is broken or the subject is not licensed.

  11. ase301y .

    Hello! Installed the theme storefront, downloaded and activated the plugins as in the lesson. Created page WooСommerсе. Since mounted everything on a local server automatic download do not work. WooСommerсе had to Russify handles copying the files to a folder. Everything seems localized. Only the loaded page is called in English. And on the Shop page in the Template field only these options: Home page, Basic template, full width. Version Home not. It depends on the topic? And another question, what functional provides the theme MegaShop, and what actually WooCommerce? Ie, that actually depends on the theme?

    1. Glyzhev

      you need to understand what exactly it generates, this is not in WordPress, it's probably a plugin of some kind.

      1. Roman Piotrowski

        Thanks for the reply! Have already figured out. This plugin Yandex prescribes this stuff.

  12. Elisha Sviridov

    Good day) thank you very much for the video tutorial) set the theme of virtue, made TopMenu transparent background in the end is not seen the inscriptions in it. How can I change fonts? maybe there is a plugin udobnenko?))

  13. nick

    Alex kindly help me please I stalled a bit. third day I can not understand. established wolmers megashop and began to translate into Russian the pieces that poeditor not hooked. handles translated a lot of text but I'm stuck on two things:

    1) create a variable product, when you view the page you can select the options item, so when you select any option there is a button "clear selection". I can't find in the code

    2) in each section of the store a few pages of product. can't translate the page numbering

  14. nick

    Alex kindly help me please I stalled a bit. third day I can not understand. established wolmers megashop and began to translate into Russian the pieces that poeditor not hooked. handles translated a lot of text but I'm stuck on two things:

    1) create a variable product, when you view the page you can select the options item, so when you select any option there is a button "clear selection". I can't find in the code

    2) in each section of the store a few pages of product. can't translate the page numbering

    1. Glyzhev

      in the 11th lesson in rajewal — how to find such elements.

  15. Elena Drozdowa

    Good afternoon. Tell me, why can not change the CSS file. Already that only did not do with it, no change at all on the website is not happening. Maybe some secret is. and succession is nothing, already on everyone tried.

    1. Glyzhev

      Hello. And how exactly do you change it? Via FTP, admin panel or what?

      1. Elena Drozdowa

        In the identify. I have Denver until website

        1. Glyzhev

          Hmm, then it is not clear, we can only assume that somewhere in the cache or in the browser or on the website, but again, most likely not included on the website, is nonsense. Maybe not the right file?

          1. Elena Drozdowa

            No, it is not included. Also the feeling is not the same. The theme of the two file CSS editor-style, almost empty and directly style. I do not understand. There is a folder CSS. There awesome, bootstrap and theme-responsive. May theme-responsive you need to edit? Now I will try still come through.

          2. Glyzhev

            Try to fit classes (with properties) to empty. Most likely it is for these purposes and he should be a priority. After saving the file 2 times refresh the page in the browser. If this does not help, you can still opposite of each property to enter !important. More about using this feature

          3. Elena Drozdowa

            This editor-style? I'll try.

          4. Glyzhev

            Yes, it is.

  16. Love

    I don't know, but for now, until I have all the turns!
    I am an absolute beginner in creating store...
    I want to Express a huge thank you for the help!

    1. Glyzhev

      Please! I am sure everything will work out, the important thing is not to rush and all the insight step by step)))

  17. Alina Dudarenko

    Hello on request this set in google : ?v=3943d8795e03, I see your website:) please Tell me on my website, all the end addresses of pages over precisely this set of characters. How to fix please tell me

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