How to create an online store without any technical skills

Regular readers of the blog probably know that I released a great course on the creation and promotion of an online store on WordPress and most importantly — it is completely free. It turned out a kind of reality show, which continues to this day — seeing the success of the project, I decided to add constantly new lessons and as opportunities periodically making a new video.

In all the time since the creation of this video, I was approached by hundreds of users asking for help to configure anything on the website, suggest or just give tips on store. I try not to refuse anyone and help wherever possible. What pleased — for the whole period I saw about 10 really good shops that have worked and brought its owners a profit. However, the majority of sites were in poor condition and it is clear that many users that's so hard to take and understand all the technical wisdom of which I am told in my lessons.

What are the options?

I was curious, and if there any really good online services where you can quickly and easily create an online shop without having technical knowledge? In search I came across a service alltrades.rufunctionality which really pleased me.

How to create an online store without any technical skills

However, I do have some requirements that I would like to see and that, in my humble opinion, should be for the successful operation of such a website.

What are the main requirements?

1. Ease of use

Quickly and I just registered on the site, and within 5 minutes I had a full shop. Take a look for yourself.

Alltrades - how to create online store

2. Easy navigation in the shop (usability)

How to create an online store yourself

In the template, which is selected by default, everything is there — headings, menus, subheadings, and widgets. Inside the card product is the "bread crumbs", the most convenient, in my opinion, a navigation element. The product is easily and quickly added to the basket, and most importantly — immediately after clicking the button, you can view your cart and checkout.

How to create an online store without any technical skills

It is certainly a plus.

In fact, here is everything you need:

  • At the top there is main menu with links to page of payment, delivery and etc.
  • On the left we see the catalog
  • Below is a basket
  • Next, a widget with news
  • The panel for the entrance to the store with the possibility of authorization through social networks (!)
  • Below are some of the widgets with links, contacts, subscription form for news and so.

3. The ability to change appearance.

Customization — one of the important criteria in ranking the site. Simply put — stores-clones in the search do not need and so you need to customize the look of your shop so that it was different from others. Here it's all quite good. In the admin I found about 40 design templates and have the option to install any of them. Go to the tab "website Design" and see:

How to create an online store on AllTrades

There are styles for every taste and in addition, you can customize the appearance of each template you like, such as changing the background or the logo. Here is the visual editor:

How to create an online store- setting design

I can not say that uncomfortable (rather unusual), you can configure quite easily and quickly:

How to create an online store

4. Convenient management of goods export and import in various formats.

The goods are displayed in a list. Here you can see the name and price, quickly edit and clone products

Management of goods in

and in a special section of the export base of goods in different services:

Export and import of goods in the online store Alltrades

5. Easily edit pages and other content

In the admin have special sections where you can manage content of website (article directory, news feed) and manage pages. To edit the content very simple.

How to create an online store

The editor is simple and easy, reminded me of something DLE.


There is a possibility to specify in which menu the page is displayed, and set its address (CNC) and other elements of optimization, but more on that below.

6. The possibility of optimizing the website (SEO)

Knowing that many developers neglect SEO CMS different settings, and sometimes can not do anything to change, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that you can customize almost everything:

  • To set the correct URL for any element of the website: the section of the item, item cards, pages, articles and any record.
  • Ask metatags: Title, Description and Keywords.
  • Properly configure robots.txt
  • Automatically generate a site map.
  • Ask for description of the sections of goods (headings) using the standard editor.
  • To edit the content of any of the pages in the editor and using html

SEO optimization of the online store

7. The ability to attach your domain

This function is also. By default, you created a subdomain, but I would recommend directly attaching your domain. It can be registered directly in the admin area or from any Registrar, you will only need to register NS servers in its settings.

It highlights that interested me first and foremost. Overall I was satisfied.

What are the functions?

About all will not tell, because there are many modules, I will only mention the most important of them, in my opinion:

  • A form of feedback.
  • Convenient Email newsletter.
  • SMS newsletter for your buyers.
  • The user surveys.
  • Online consultant.
  • Photo gallery, etc.

By the way, to set online consultant is as simple as any other module:

Online consultant for an online store

This is what the form will look on the website:

Online consultant on the website

Cool 🙂 ?

Video study Alltrades

How much is the system?

Of course this wonderful system can not be free. There are several options of tariff plans and the cheapest is 570 rubles. per month. In this tariff absolutely all functionality of the store and includes 99 of goods, which, as experience shows, is more than enough for most beginners who want to create a small online store on their own. A lot or a little? Everyone decides for themselves, for example I have 1 campaign to market "eats" from 1000 rubles, and here for a month a total of 570...

Of course, if you need more, there are tariffs "fatter". For example, for 990 rubles, you can add as many as 1000 of goods, and in 1680 a whopping 10,000! What is my opinion? For beginners with enough of the base fare.

How to try?

The developers have provided a free trial period. So, anyone can for 2 weeks to test the system absolutely free and realize she needed it or not. To do this, register and try.

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    Interesting option and templates for stores as well.

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