How to create an online store on OpenCart

How to create and promote your online store on OpenCart 2? All dealt in detail below.


My free course on creating an online store on WordPress and WooCommerce was a very popular and desired. I've seen dozens of completely different online stores, hundreds of people came to me for help, decided it was about 1000 questions.

I it is undoubtedly very happy, but tracked a little detail — many users with no special technical skills to understand knowledge of WordPress and Welcomers quite difficult, so I decided to create a new course, where everything is simplified. As usual — the course is completely free, add the page to your bookmarks, as the lessons are constantly being added. Can also subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch there. Let's get started.

The online store on OpenCart — it's easy!

Lesson 1 — automatic OpenCart installation

Lesson 2 — go to admin panel and a custom CNC in OpenCart

Lesson 3 — how to customize the appearance and modules

Lesson 4 — set up payment and shipping

Lesson 5 — how to install a template (theme)

Lesson 6 — how to install a premium theme

Lesson 7 — how to set up the payment system in OpenCart for online payments

Lesson 8 — how to create a website for ordering food online

OpenCart 3.0.2 — lesson 1

OpenCart 3.0.2 — lesson 2

OpenCart 3.0.2 — lesson 3 how to change color on stock theme

How to install and configure a premium theme in 5 minutes

How to set Mega Menu and translate the theme to Russian

Customize template MegaStore (appearance)

How to quickly deploy a Russian build of OpenCart 3.0.3 and install the theme

Download the file for the Russification of template MegaStore, shown in the 7th lesson here

How to connect the payment processing OpenCart

In this lesson you will learn how to accept credit card payment on your OpenCart 3, installing the module payment system Fondy. There are also modules for OpenCart 2, the principle of operation with this version of CMS remains the same.

Where to download free themes for Therefore 3

This tutorial shows where to download free templates for OpenCart 3. Yes, there are not many, but they are. Show you how to quickly find and download these themes at Templatemonster. Also show how easy it is to install a template in 5 minutes.

5 Free Modules for OpenCart 3

In this tutorial, we'll walk through the installation of five free modules for OpenCart 3 that greatly simplify the process of working with your online store.

Free template for auto shop on Opencart 3

2 excellent video tutorials on creating an online store of automotive goods on OpenCart 3. I show you where to download, how to install the template quickly and easily. Basically, after watching these 2 tutorials, you can make a store and get started.

MegaStore 2020 installation and configuration on OpenCart

Video tutorial on the new version of the MegaStore template and the process of installing it on the Russian assembly of OpenCart The launch of such a store takes about 15 minutes, I also show the installation process of the localization program, some settings of the main page, product categories and a slider.

Links to lessons:

  1. Hosting Beget
  2. The Theme Sello
  3. Template Shopy
  4. Hosting MCHost
  5. Template Giftior
  6. Template Fooder

Ask questions in the comments. The most common disassemble and added to the article. Subscribe 🙂


  1. Eugene

    How to install the broken module import export? Therefore, on 3 I can't do it

    1. Beprofy

      What kind of module? Link please.

  2. Anton

    Cool would be even described aliby VIDOS articles were

  3. Michael

    Hello. Thank you for Your video lessons. Can you guess which module (paid/free) available for import of goods from a partner store in CSV/XML? I mean-Admitad offers.

    1. Beprofy

      Welcome, Michael. Have not worked with Admitad, therefore, do not possess relevant information. If you do affiliate store, not on OpenCart, and WordPress better and better.

      1. Mikhail

        Hi Alex. Thank you for Your response.

  4. Constantine

    Hello, added currency, the hryvnia, established by default, all others disabled. in the product options the currency changed to the national currency, but on the main page hard price in dollars!!!! what am I doing wrong?

  5. Alex

    Good day!
    Help customized CNC!
    OcStore version
    Under System/Settings/ Server and System/Settings/ Seopro when you enable the settings do not open the CNC items on the page, although the URL changes
    Read the whole Internet, writing separate lines as written and nothing helps!
    When you turn off the settings of the CNC and it works!
    .htaccess be in the root and renamed as necessary
    ps. All video is on the Internet in the settings ocstore no one saw tab in System/Preferences/ Seopro.
    Help plz

    1. Beprofy

      Hello. To guess the reason difficult, you need to watch the settings with regards to other sites, many configuration of the CNC module of SEO Pro, so in the system settings there is no tab. I would try to disconnect the module, reset the cache, use SEO built-in + to pour from the distribution .htaccess.

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