How to create products showcase Admitad simply and quickly

Very often asked: how to create a affiliate store under Admitad how to import products from there website on how to create a showcase Admitad already on the site. At the same time, many users think to use the WooCommerce plugin and some way to configure import of the goods there. However, there is way much more interesting — signature plugin Admitad Goods.

But how to configure it properly? How to promote such a site? All these and other questions I answer in this mini-course. Details after studying this course, you will be able in 30 minutes to create sites under the affiliate program Admitad to earn them. The main thing is to find an interesting niche and go!

List of lessons:

  1. Lesson 1 — create a site for affiliate link
  2. Lesson 2 — import and custom appearance
  3. Lesson 3 — SEO optimization showcases and promotion

Lesson 1 — create a website, plug-Admitad Goods and custom plugin


So, to create a showcase under the affiliate program Admitad, we need:

  1. To register a domain and hosting (if there is, it's good)
  2. Add a site Review and pass its verification
  3. To connect affiliate stores with which you will work
  4. Configure WordPress and install plugins: Admitad Goods, Cyr to Lat enhanced, Media File Renamer, Compress JPEG & PNG images, WP-PostRatings, Yoast SEO
  5. Tokens to Youtube and Review the plug-Admitad Goods
  6. To configure correctly the plugin Admitad Goods (CNC).
How to create a showcase under Admitad Admitad Goods - list of plugins

What do the plugins:

  • Admitad Goods — the main plugin that will import goods on the website, to create shortcodes display cases for inserts, partitions etc.
  • Cyr to Lat enhanced — transliterary addresses WordPress (by the way, if the Cyrillic domain, you can experiment and do without this plugin, it's probably best for SEO)
  • Media File Renamer automatically renames pictures according to different criteria, for example taken from the title of the post and rename the pictures already uploaded to the hosting (minus — the free version of cut the functionality, I was getting paid 10 bucks, works perfectly)
  • Compress JPEG & PNG images — automatically compresses images, which impacts very positively on the website loading speed and SEO
  • WP-PostRatings — displays the rating stars, which in addition to the usefulness for users and more useful for ranking in search
  • Yoast SEO — a complete SEO for the site, read more here

Lesson 2 — customize the appearance of import of goods, shortcodes


In this tutorial you will create a product category in the plugin Admitad Goods, to import the necessary products and start customizing the appearance. We'll figure out how to set the main menu to configure widgets, and other elements. Also show how to use shortcodes.

Basic widgets for the sidebar, you will need:

  1. The product filters Admitad
  2. Categories products Review
  3. Popular items Admitad

Lesson 3 — optimization store SEO, plugins, and menu customization


The 3rd and final lesson of the course, which focuses on the optimization of the online store under Review. The highlights of SEO that are worth paying attention to:

  1. Compression of images uploaded automatically using the plugin Compress JPEG & PNG images
  2. Rename images plugin Media File Renamer
  3. The conclusion of stars rating using the plugin WP Post Ratings and their use in the advanced snippets
  4. The output of the breadcrumbs plugin WordPress SEO
  5. Optimization of the headers of the categories of goods, products and other important pages
  6. Optimization of the text on the main page and in the sections of goods.

If it was useful, sign up in all time on my repke. The link to the hosting here


  1. Veronica

    Hey, Hello to all. Now it is not available to the parser API Key YouTube. How can I replace, anyone know?

    1. Beprofy

      Hello. No longer available and this plugin for a long time.

      1. Veronica

        I found an alternative, maybe someone will need : YouTube Data API v3

  2. Veronica

    Another question. As in the code of the main page insert your affiliate links for the pictures. zapato, Austin, lamoda , wildberries. what would you click on it, go directly to the website with my reflink.

  3. Veronica

    Waiting for the video tutorial.

    1. GizzmoD

      Does not make sense to wait for the program have been shut down.

  4. Valentine

    I have admitad in the Toolbox there is no tab "plug-ins...."

    1. Beprofy

      everything is simple — Admitad quite long ago abandoned this project.

  5. Nikita

    It no longer relevant? Thought about doing a showcase, seo, pour cheap traffic with Yan. Prompt, what better to do for the beginner to arbitration, they know how to make websites, they can direct Yan, not much seo.

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