Case — how to make money on mobile users of your group VK

Notice — this case is primarily designed for the public and groups Vkontakte, dedicated to Android and iPhone subjects, but in other groups where a high proportion of mobile traffic, it is possible to try it.

What is?

Today, there are a lot of affiliate programs, working with mobile traffic. Times the MIDlet has sunk into oblivion and is now popular only white methods of earnings — install applications on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. In my opinion this industry is very promising and we expect only further growth in this direction.

It so happened that I developed a few fun groups Vkontakte, dedicated to the Android smartphones. They evolved completely independently, without my involvement, thanks to a plug-Boom Social (see review)established on thematic resources. In order to increase the activity, was hired by the poster, which adds to 10 posts every day. And then came the question of how to monetize these pages, in order to cover the cost of the poster?

Today both of the public have roughly the same attendance and audience reach, a total that approximately 1,000 to 1,200 visitors per day and 4000-4500 average coverage. That's how it looks:

Earnings on Vkontakte group
Statistics groups Vkontakte
Earnings on the public VC
Coverage groups Vkontakte

The share of mobile traffic varies and ranges from 27% to 46%.

Mobile users: VK
Mobile users in the VC public servers

Unfortunately to understand exactly how much there Android traffic, but how many iOS is not, but both groups are dedicated to Android devices, so we can confidently say — the green robot there prevails 🙂 . So, if you are the owner of hyped public, can now turn to the stats and see what your traffic ratio.

The essence of the earnings

The point is simple as five cents, at a certain time posted the right ad post with referral link to install an application from Google Play or iTunes and get the money for the installs. What a promotional post is correct and when it is best to place it will learn below, but for now let's move on to the affiliate 🙂 .


Below I will give a list of the main affiliate programs that I use myself. Regan's Rekam and get thanks from me + free personal consultation 🙂

  1. lots of offers for Android and iOS, average prices, payment in rubles.
  2. — perhaps the high prices, the payment in $, sometimes up to 4$ for installation!
  3. — analogue of Unilead, offers sometimes more, but the price seems a bit lower.
  4. — there are some offers for mobile traffic, but for many "tasty" to the desired maximum level.

This is still the basic PP that I actively use. By as new I will add them to the article.

How to make money?

Go to the fun. For the best experience you will need the service pending publication. I personally use, but there are also others, such as Cleverpub, which is more functional, but in my opinion less convenient for these purposes.

So, autoresume Ekotim added to our group and start writing a post. You need to create the most informative and attractive post, after reading that, people will want to download an app or game. - post

Tip: try to use "pain". Pain taxiing and always will steer in advertising 🙂

  • Example: "Slow Internet?" — give the application for acceleration thereof (e.g. super-browser).
  • Example 2: "Tired of waiting for a taxi in Moscow?" — give a link to the application for ordering a taxi (in any suitable public).

I also recommend experimenting with the amount of text you can position links to jump to the application in text and number of images. Now maybe this is what a typical post:


I think needless to mention that the link needs to be taken in the program, and then cut through the service — this easy to use and looks familiar for users of Vkontakte. In the design I recommend to use the so-called Cheats Emoji that you can find here.

So, a post written, now you need to publish. The beauty of Ecotime is that you can specify any time in which a post is automatically published on the wall of your community. It's just great and very convenient, because you can configure automatic publishing of ads for at least a year in advance and forget about it 🙂 .

Publishing via Ecotime

When you add a post it is necessary to consider that not all time is equally effective. That is, does not make any sense in the morning dumped on the wall 10 advertising posts and hope for high earnings.

The optimum time to publish (in Moscow):

  • 10:05 — 10:15
  • 12:15 — 12:25
  • 16:10 — 16:20
  • 20:15 — 20:25
  • 22:05 — 22:20

The results of my tests during the month, the last 2 paragraphs show the highest efficiency, but also to place during the day, certainly worth it.

What remains?

Now just monitor new offers that are in affiliate programs, write them for advertising posts and add Ecotime. Then just schedule the whole thing for a week ahead and successfully forget, and the money will stop flowing.

Do not abuse such is the wall of your community should not consist only of advertising posts. I recommend posting no more than 5 posts a day on the schedule between the other information posts on the wall of your group, or public.

How much can you earn?

With my modest public receives about 200-400 rubles per day without straining. This means that I do nothing at all and not set goals to overcome them to the maximum. Moreover, I am only experimenting and place the posts sometimes when I think about it, or when there is free time. Here's a screen with one of the affiliate programs:

Earnings Vkontakte groups to affiliate

And here you can see the effectiveness of time:


What else to pay attention?

  1. Not all offers accept traffic from social networks, so read the description before you take it.
  2. Study the audience of your public and think about what may be her most interesting.
  3. Test different posts and constantly experiment.

Fuhh, like all 🙂 . If you have questions, ask, I will try to help.


  1. Excellent_Pro

    Yesterday, I tried to Unscrew the case on your public dedicated to Android smartphones one brand — 6100 subscribers, the daily number of unique 230, coverage 680. In less than a day the balance of my newly opened account in one of the in-article affiliate has risen to 200 rubles! For samples cast 2 applications, without any experiments — all the recommendations of the author, the result was not long in coming!
    Definitely 100% working case, will experiment further 😉

  2. George

    Fine and clear in the way can only laziness!

    1. Glyzhev

      it 😀 in this case, it is the main factor

  3. Leh

    Great case, respect the author! How else was looking for the services pending publication. A question. Where/how to pick/to get a lot of posts for pages about Android and about the fun?

    1. Glyzhev

      To invent, but also of all the posts is a simple topic — yuzaem search VK in the name of the offer and select the best posts, they give the exhaust a good 😉

  4. Andrey

    How to write Ref link?

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