Coupon site under the Ukraine for 1 night (case study)

Below I will tell you the rather long story of how I made a coupon site under the Ukraine for 1 night. The story can be seen as a full manual for the action and, in principle, you can repeat all my steps and do a similar website. Notice that the "coupon" offers yet not so much, and therefore tons of traffic can not be collected, but it is only until 🙂 .

What happened?

  • The natural desire to earn a little money and a burning desire to try out a new program and themselves in a different field.
  • Sickly experience (7 years after all) to create all sorts of websites and has vast experience on WordPress.
  • There is a budget of 50 USD that will be spent on creating this site.

My actions

Of course the first thing I did was buy a good domain name. If you decide to repeat, try to choose domains with key areas, can and Great value it has.

I liked a good name in the area and I didn regol. It cost 44 UAH, if I am not mistaken that is 5 WMZ according to the exchange rate at that time + at that same Registrar I took the hosting for 28 UAH per month, which is still 3.5 WMZ. By the way, the hosting here this is very good and perfect for such sites.

Then I began to the wool Internet for similar sites on WordPress and various templates that will allow you to simply and quickly create beautiful coupon website. In the lemon or plugins or templates for 100 bucks that did not fit into my budget.

But the solution was found pretty quickly. I went to my favorite Themeforest and drove in search of "coupons", and then on the first line was the theme Couponize, which is just perfect for my purposes.

A template for a coupon site on WordPress

Yes, the price is 40 evergreen clearly fit into my budget 🙂 .

What's next

So, buy the theme, download the latest version of WordPress and install it, download and activate the theme. Further, for the successful functioning, we need to install following plugins:

  1. All in One SEO Pack (the famous SEO plugin)
  2. Breadcrumb NavXT (bread crumbs)
  3. Category SEO Meta Tags (rewrite headings headings)
  4. Cyr to Lat enhanced (transliteration URLs)
  5. GD Star Rating (plugin for coupons)
  6. Google XML Sitemaps (creates a site map)
  7. A list of pages (add page navigation)
  8. WP No Category Base (remove "category" from URLs)
  9. Wysija Newsletters (create your subscription form and mailing database)

All plugins can be downloaded for free directly in the WordPress admin and you should not cause any difficulties.

Next you need to translate the theme to Russian language. For these purposes, download the program Poedit for the link and install.

Translation the - Poedit MAC

After this you need to find the folder with the theme file default.po or en_EN.po rename to en_us.po and open in editor.

Localization themes for WordPress

Everything is simple — choose the phrases that need translation, below, enter the translation and save the changes to the file. It is also worth noting that when you save, the editor will write to a new file, which will also need to throw in a folder with the localization theme. In the case of the above-described template, you need to put both files in the folder "Languages".

If any elements of the theme remain in English, you will need to look for them directly in the file and modify it manually. You can use Notepad++ on Windows or TextMate on Mac OS.

So, the theme is already translated and our site was like a completely custom kupalnik. It's time to start setting up your site and create categories of coupons.

Custom website

In the admin you need to make the default settings of WordPress, but special attention should be paid to the 2m details: CNC on the website and how the content on the main page. CNC allows you the correct way to configure URL addresses of the pages, making them the most "edible" for the search engines. To do this, go to "Settings — Permalinks" and set like the pictures below 🙂

CNC on a WordPress website

Or so

Proper CNC on WordPress

I admit, the big difference in this. Do as you like.

Now we need to create a static page with the coupons. To do this, simply go to "Pages — Add new" and create it with these parameters:

Coupons for WordPress
Note: the screenshot is valid only for the theme Couponize, a link to which I gave above.

Then just select this page as the main. To do this, go to "Settings — Reading" and do as the picture below (just select "Coupons" from the list).

Create a page with coupons

Create a category of coupons

What and how many sections (sections/categories) of coupons to create up to you. You can take basic: clothes, jewelry, appliances, perfumes etc, but you can create a separate section for each offer, for example: Lamoda, Clasno, Modoza, etc.

Create rubrics coupons

The main caveat, you need to correctly optimize the sections:

  1. Include the plugin WP No Category Base (item 8 above)
  2. Also you need to set the header — Title and Description, what can be done in the plugin Category SEO Meta Tags.

The second point needs further explanation. Go to "Settings — Settings CSMT" and do everything like the picture below.

Meta tags headings on WordPress

This will allow you to set the right structure for meta tags headings. Now you need to go to settings each section and manually to register there titles and descriptions. An example is shown in the picture below.

Optimization of headings on Worpdress
Descriptions must be unique, contain keywords and phrases should not be too long.

I recommend the header to write no more than 80 characters in the description not more than 160. All. Columns were optimized, now it's time to move on to configuring and adding coupons 🙂

See also: how to optimize headings in WordPress

Print coupons

So, in the Couponize theme for the withdrawal of the coupons there is a special section. Simply click "Add Coupon" and add the coupon as a standard entry.

Add coupon WordPress
Tip: try to write a headline is the most concise and at the same time informative.

Write a unique description for the coupon, trying to use the key phrases "promotion code" and "coupon...", and various variations. Below the description you will see a special block, which should specify the parameters of the coupon: the discount amount, the expiration date of coupon the code and the link to the offer. Of course all these data must be taken in the program.

Settings couponica on WordPress


Discounts and coupons

How to optimize?

I do not recommend much spam keys and use the direct key entry of 1 per article and 1 time in Title. The latter way, as well as the Description, you need to register at the very bottom, when you add a coupon. These fields appear when using the plugin All in One Seo Pack and they are very important! Example you can watch below.

Title optimization for WordPress

Once you've added several coupons need to build a site map. This can be done in the plugin Google XML Sitemaps.

Creating a site map

Breadcrumbs (Breadcrumb NavXT)

The moment optimization is very important and they also should not be neglected. To put this is your one-stop navigation on WordPress there is a plugin Breadcrumb NavXT. You need to install it and of course to set up properly. You can of course use the default settings, but it is not our method, if we do, it is all in the mind 🙂

Now, open the "Settings — Settings for Breadcrumb NavXT" and configured as in the screenshots below.

1. The Main Tab

Settings "bread crumbs" on WordPress

Explanation: you need the right way to configure a link on the main page. The anchor can be inserted domain of the website, you can just "Home", it is possible other keys. I recommend to carefully consider this point, because it depends on the website promotion.

Note the additional tags in the link — they also need to be put down!

2. Posts and pages

Breadcrumbs in WordPress - how to set

A custom "Page" like the picture, and then scroll down to the section "Coupon" and put the settings as in the screenshot. This will create the correct structure of the "bread crumbs" on a single page of coupons.

Customize Breadcrumb on WordPress

3. Taxonomy

Setup breadcrumbs on WP

The main thing here is to correctly set the headings. Just repeat everything as done in the picture.

4. Print "crumb" in the template

This is the last step. Code to copy will not work, but you can download ready file here 🙂

Installing breadcrumbs on the website

You need to add this code on page:

  • The page template "Coupons page"
  • File single-coupons.php
  • Pattern headings (category.php)

If you want to create additional pages, for example: blog, description of stores, etc., I recommend to add this code and in other files page.php, index.php etc. If not, we can restrict these 3 points.

Pictures coupons

The important role played by the image to be displayed on the pages with the coupons. They are added in a standard way, like miniatures and make them very simple. Enough to start to create in photoshop a file of size 200 x 180 points or 200 x 200 and the background fill with white color. Now just take pictures of the team and "throws" on top of the first layer.

Adding pictures coupons

If too lazy to bother, just download my preset here here 😉

And that's how it looks on the website.

Page coupons

But what about thumbs?

Yes, the coupons can also display on the desired pages. For this we need the plugin GD Star Rating, which I mentioned under number 5 in the list above. This extension to WordPress is basically the best for output of various ratings on the website, however it is worth noting that lately the plugin has not been updated and does not work with new versions of WordPress.

Rating of coupons for WordPress

For the conclusion of "thumbs up and down" you will need to activate this plugin and in the settings enable the display of those "fingers" or stars, there's like 🙂

In fact all our kupalnik ready, now it is small — are constantly adding new coupons, renew old and to promote a project.

What else can you do?

Frankly — for me this site is purely experimental and I did it with one purpose — to see if the website in the CPA field, "cobbled together" for one night that is called "on the run", bring some money and not to demand promotion and a permanent job over it. It turns out maybe 🙂

SalesDoubler work

Particularly pleased with eCPC in 147.74 ruble and this despite the fact that I was not working, and not working on this website. Of course you can go on to do:

  1. Order 20 good SEO articles and place them on other sites, for example through Miralinks
  2. To write a good description (with videos and ratings ) to each store and put in this article, references to coupons of this shop
  3. Collect subscribers using the plugin Wysija Newsletters to send newsletters
  4. To promote the site using social networking services, such as creating a group of VK and Twitter
  5. In order to add coupons manually — connect automatic export of feeds
  6. And finally — to print business cards with the website address and to give away to all your friends — let them enjoy discounts imagine the joy and for the benefit of you 😉

Automatically import coupons (updated)

I decided to implement point number 5 and we have created a plugin that fully Autonomous imports coupons of feeds affiliate programs SalesDoubler and ADMITAD itself. How it looks look no the video below.

At the specified time the module automatically scans the ribbon XML affiliate programs and if there are new coupons, add them to the site. You just have to go to the admin panel and publish drafts. Official plugin page is here (project is closed, link removed).

While that's all, Friends 😉

Also check out: why you should optimize YouTube videos


  1. Shay

    Cool. Tell me — how much time passed from the time you add all the coupons from the SD to the first lead? 🙂

    1. Glyzhev

      Yandex 1.5 months did not want to be indexed, don't know why. The website was made in August 2013 in October was the first lead, if I'm not mistaken.

  2. Good Cat

    and how to import coupons via .csv? download each coupon separately, given their duration(two weeks in average), the more hemorrhagic. Try and use a template from Clipper advertising, just a tip), she has a beautiful theme Flatter and built import .csv files. The topic is sharpened by the coupons and has all the same chips as described above, is configured the same way. All together worth about 140 bucks, but like someone gave their Russified 100.

    In arbitration it is very important to automate, use the import xml and csv

    A great article, many thanks to the author for chewing. Some things you never knew

  3. Good Cat

    and how to import coupons via .csv? download each coupon separately
    given the timing of their actions, the more hemorrhagic.
    Yuzayte Clipper AppTheme template from(not advertising, just a tip), she
    there is a beautiful theme Flatter and built import .csv files. The theme of sharpened
    under coupons and has all the same chips as described above, is configured so
    same. All together worth about 140 bucks, but cy-pr like someone
    given my multi-language 100.

    In arbitration it is very important to automate, use the import xml and csv

    A great article. The author details all chewed. I have some things I didn't even

  4. Glyzhev

    >and how to import coupons via .csv Yes, well I mentioned it. Just when the project was launched, the coupons were not so much, so I added them manually + wrote a unique description for each coupon, with 500 characters a list of products that you can buy it 😉

    1. Good Cat

      I did not understand, it is of import coupons via .csv or not?)

        1. Good Cat

          not gonna cut it. I tried
          allimport is not creating new pages as needed in the proposed topic, rather, it loads the coupons list. that's why I had to throw Couponize and look for something more automated, so as to load the coupons packs(also with a few of PP) is much easier and more profitable

          1. Glyzhev

            Hmm did not know. Yes bundles it sure is better and what is the description and optimization pofik? People come just for optimized texts in this case.

          2. Good Cat

            agree, it is easier to load a pack and then optimize pages with coupons than to create each page from scratch)

            I had time on their skin to experience all the nuances of the creation and promotion of the site with promo codes, so when you have to load hundreds of coupons per day, start thinking how to save every minute)

          3. Glyzhev

            Absolutely agree.

          4. Ustim Lewandowski

            Need to promote common queries, such as "discount Sunduk" , "discount online stores", etc. Agree, "10% discount on Bonprix" few people are looking for.
            This will allow just do a rotation of active and inactive coupons, and search engines, nothing will change.

          5. Glyzhev

            All right, there are options — "the promo code lamode", "lamoda coupon", "discount mobilec" etc.

    2. Arthur Yatsenko

      As for me, SEO optimization coupons are not always good, that is each of the coupons to score keywords, but since most of them short term, then there is a sense, that is the question. About the discharge of the coupons, we use XML upload doubletrade using WP allimport, so convenient.

      1. Glyzhev

        Cool website you have, super usability! But the fact that short-term, Yes. Tried to show a separate coupons in the top, has yet to come out, already expired. In particular, till now there is traffic on offer LeBoutique, which has long since disappeared.

        1. Arthur Yatsenko

          Thank you, over the website work for your 🙂 about the top, Yes I agree, with coupons all the little things you need to acitivate sometimes.

          1. Ineedscore

            Make a small finstrip for motivation..

          2. Arthur Yatsenko

            Unfortunately I can not, can only say that the site is young, and to rejoice there is nothing..)) When will be results so soon ))

      2. Artem

        You have a cool site. And about the WP allimport — it need some templates to import to prepare? It's hard it under import coupons to adapt?

  5. Victor

    Took this template. And the price now it's 79 bucks. Now translate it. Who currently plans to buy it, you will need to translate 1280 rows.

    1. Good Cat

      no, not needed, if you do buy it, then your office must be Russian language pack

    2. Good Cat

      if you want to sell your files of Russification (some sections transferred the hand from which the translation is as understandable). Knock in Skype: andrayray

  6. Artem

    Failed to install plugins: GD Star Rating, a List of pages and Wysija Newsletters — they are not present in the list of plugins...

    1. Glyzhev

      Mm and what's the problem with the plugins? By the way train rating might not work with the latest versions of WP and I mentioned it.

      1. Artem

        GD Star Rating is not downloaded... the Other two plugins I was looking for in the search, but never found...

          1. Artem

            Thank you. Can I ask what version of WordPress do You use?

          2. Glyzhev

            Now looked — I have WordPress 3.6, well with him GD because normally plows.

          3. Artem

            Thank you.

      2. Artem

        Another noted that the rating is not displayed on the main page, in headings and in the main no.

  7. Artem

    Turned all to configure, but here are a couple of questions: how to do that in the list of coupons displayed, not the whole text of the description of the coupon, and the first n-characters? And how to bring GD Star Rating in the list with the coupons? Thank you!

      1. Artem

        C picture figured out: had a link to a picture from another site, downloaded it myself and worked. With the rating too. Thank you. But here still such question: on the page heading has been done, so that the description of the coupon was displayed not completely, but on the main page still displays all text... what to do?

        1. Glyzhev

          and I have fully at home too, but you can limit the idea...

          1. Artem

            Really? Right now, I looked on main page description is clipped Is not the whole text.

          2. Glyzhev

            Yeah, I more tag set when a record is added. You can crop without this function excerpt or something.

          3. Artem

            I also put a more tag, but only works in the sections on the main not want to.

          4. Glyzhev

            As well as the main static page of coupons? or by default?

          5. Glyzhev

            Try to derive the content of this function in page-template-coupons.php

          6. Artem

            Thank you very much! It worked! Sorry for getting at You, but another issue: the rating is not displayed on the main, and in the headings working.

          7. Glyzhev

            And here is not quite clear, it is necessary to check the settings of the plugin whether to enable the output for the main and for pages, the fact that we have the main static page in fact, so it may be a glitch. Have a look — I have no specific code and modifications like no, means or a glitch or something in the settings.

  8. Artem

    Another problem arose: on the main page is gone coupons... Nothing idiots, I installed the plugin Simple Taxonomy, wanted to do the sorting by categories and companies. Plugin disabled, but the problem persists...

    1. Glyzhev

      Without seeing the site don't even know what to advise — the mass of options. If you want, throw in a personal VK url and access to admin, let's see why.

  9. Borman

    Plugin to import will publish it for download? Or to sell?

    1. Glyzhev

      Will sell. Price 950 wmr. He is now undergoing revision, has been optimized for the Couponize theme completely, now integrate under another topic. Unfortunately it is impossible to make it immediately worked with any theme, since the implementation of the engine of the coupons are different everywhere.

  10. Rever

    How to buy the plugin?

  11. Andrew

    Colleagues, came across this strange problem — when importing using WP All Import Pro CSV url tightened not all the information in Russian. For example, a description of the action is: "the Best for children! Maharashtara for girls!", and in fact WP All Import that pulls in the best case:"! Maharashtara for girls!". As for other shares in General is: "!".
    Someone faced with?

  12. Svetlana Matveeva

    Tell me, if you need not all the website of coupons, and already on the current website announcements page of coupons-whether it is possible as that to implement this project?

    1. Glyzhev

      And on what engine the current site?


    Hello. And could You share the template? I want to try. Works topic?

  14. moka

    And has a normal plug-in coupons ?

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