AliExpress is the best affiliate program — what is it?

The article earned on AliExpress I was told of several methods of earnings in this mega-store and also considered working with Aliexpress affiliate program via AD1 and Admitad itself. Before you read any further this article, I recommend to read first. Read? Means continue.

Good Admitad?

No doubt, but...From March of last year, I worked with the AliExpress through the popular affiliate program Admitad. I have to say — it was not arbitrage traffic and selling all kinds of small goods from their sites with a large attendance. Total traffic on these 2 sites about 25-30K uniques a day, but the program gets up to 500-700 people daily. So it was more like a part time job, not real earnings. However, sometimes I managed to earn very well.

How to make money on Aliexpress

In the first 10 months, "dripped" is about 1400$, which is actually pretty good, especially considering the fact that it is completely passive income and I almost didn't do it, but only gave the topic the authors which articles to write and were given the keys.

Digression: if close to do this and to write every day at least 3-5 articles under the desired keys, you can easily go to 300$ a month with affiliate programs Aliexpress.

But is it all good?

And here's the catch. Earned to wait a very long time. And you do not pay attention, it is khold in 70 days in the rules of the offer, in fact it is more than six months. Yes, Yes, and nothing else! In Admitad has to literally beg for the money earned, and approved applications are free to "lie" in statistics for several months. In my case, earned in the summer of 2014 I was able to get only in March 2015 (70??? days) 🙂

Actually it does not bother me to wait for your$ 500 six months — quite a common thing for the site owner, but in the case of arbitration, it turns into stupidity. Judge: took the money, sold the car, poured a budget of$ 5K for example, earned 7K$ on AliExpress and all, wait, now six months of their money and eating locusts wild honey 😀

Locusts and wild honey to deal with arbitrage

What are the alternatives?

Of course I began to look for alternatives and in the end Riddick kind person gave me a different affiliate program AliExpress — As I understand it — the guys are serious and work directly with AliExpress. They even visited the headquarters of Alibaba Group in China (Hangzhou) and talked to the shop manual.

So, we replaced the main links on 2 sites and earnings gradually went up.

Ali.Epn.BZ - affiliate program AliExpress

It is worth noting that some sellers are greedy and don't pay more than 2.4% of sales, which of course is mere pennies on cheap products, but there are those who pay 50%.

Ali.Epn.BZ - affiliate program AliExpress

To do this, the program has a special option "to Select products with the highest Commission." Then she climbs right in with the idea — how to make money, but will tell about it next time 🙂

What are the advantages?

One of the interesting aspects — the payment directly to the account in (RIP already can't 😀 ). Why is it good? It's simple — you can order a Mastercard debit card in this payment system to receive money the easiest way — directly to the account in the system, and then throw on the card and withdraw from any ATM around the globe.

In the next article I will do a detailed review of this affiliate program will tell you how to generate affiliate links how to link the domain name and how to earn it, and while register.

!Update for 2017

Guys, a few updates since the article was written a long time ago.

1. Admitad now pays quickly, that is, such long delays as they were before now there. Hold much less and you can get money fast payment.

2. In today's harsh time, Aliexpress completely changed the policies of their affiliate programs and now there are a number of products for which they pay 6%, and there are very many goods for which there is no charge. Epn invented a special tool that allows you to check whether the goods is payable by reference. Also the sellers on Aliexpress often change policy.

For example: you sell the phone, at the time of publication links to check the goods and he was in the category of paid, but after a while go and check — it may be not paid. That is for sale you will not get a penny. It is necessary to consider and Yes, in 2017 Aliexpress "took away" approximately 90% of the earnings from the webmasters, the conditional remaining 10% is divided among the successfully casacara (the buyer) and the affiliate (you and me). According to some information the cashback use about 35% (again, at today November 2017).

These are the things the guys 🙂


  1. Sasha

    What plugin are You using to create buttons like "Download"? Thanks in advance.

    1. Glyzhev

      No, he created in styles, but there are many plugins for creating buttons of all kinds.

  2. Mara

    Hey, when's the next promised article will be? 🙂

    1. Glyzhev

      Hi XS, have not yet found the most effective bundles to work (not discussed much) sense to write water ))

  3. Stepanovich

    Affiliate program ze best! I am glad that they pay 2 times a month damn... the Main thing to have time to request payment on time. A Cho for a case you wanted us to pin?

    1. Glyzhev

      While there is no time to test this case. Write what you do not know, you can't.

      1. Stepanovich

        Clear. Waiting for new case studies!

  4. Guest

    epn got rid of income early in the day there were at least 15 bucks right now only 2 , it swaino that dobrousina session or just the ability to decline of income ?

    1. Glyzhev

      At all and it's not just EPN. It is the policy of Aliexpress, I had at least 20-50 leads per day, was 3-4. The reason is clear, they cut cookies to one session, had previously been a month, now 1 session, so the Chinese we overcame the 90% of the income and allegedly raised to 6% payout, but it's peanuts. Podgadat exactly for Christmas, because they know that in November-December Golden months of sales.

      1. Yurik

        I believe that in order to "podzarabotat" right now, nothing to start ...

        CITAC — smart person ... to elevate its brand through blogger adnaka ...

        Strategy ))) ... or maybe but very wrong?!!!! The Chinese businessmen are somehow different from the others by its humanity.

        1. Glyzhev

          Yes of course you should not start, we will be more 😀 If detail — 8.5% on all goods — a great rate, in fact leads became smaller, but the earnings have not changed, but eliminated thousands of riders that Lily clickunder traffic and interrupt your Refco, now everything is more transparent.

          1. Yurik

            Do not argue, you do it as I understand it, and you are closer ... but I somehow think that if they work with "Ali", then by creating his own store on ePN CMS, as even with it the potential buyer will go to the product page after click the button "buy/order".

            Maybe I'm wrong, the experience in this, if that is correct ... )))

          2. Glyzhev

            All the ways are good, we work with 2 api via your own plugins.

  5. Novel

    And what to share with an intermediate affiliate, if you can directly become a partner of aliexpress and do deep links directly in their program? Why insert in the intermediate earnings freeloaders? Can I something do not understand in this scheme? Please enlighten?

    1. Snezhana

      Logical. But there are some ways to withdraw money? There is WebMoney?

    2. Glyzhev

      Logical. And what are the methods of withdrawal of money?

      1. metters

        Normal ways. The money is withdrawn at any point of the planet with the exception of the backward countries as Cincinanti , a couple of countries in Africa , Russia that is a country where there are no personnel professionals of the 21st century where the concept of service only on TV know . I would like to think that in Russia at global its backwardness all you can do without the scams are the same hands is transferred to your money by taking a percentage of 8% of your legally

  6. Man Wolf

    Hello, decided to cooperate with EPN he read the latest comments, tell me now is to work with them, or are there better alternatives?

    1. Glyzhev

      There is no difference with whom to work, the policy sets Aliexpress. From EPN more convenient in my opinion the payouts, the different useful features and tools, although most PP from Ali can, on the other hand, I don't know.

  7. tovarz

    How long is the consideration of applications for participation in the affiliate program Upon entering the office the picture of a woman drinking coffee, is issued, like wait... how Long I should wait?

    1. Glyzhev

      XS, that's why you should use the EPN, although we endorsed there, so needed access to the api

    2. metters

      A couple of days

  8. Nik Vik

    As I think you can earn a Yandex direct? 190 clicks and only one lid)

    1. Glyzhev

      And that Lil, if not a secret? With direct 190 clicks or "govnomet" the cheapest and non-target or product slag, but still a lot of factors there. With mizerak untargeted traffic sometimes better envelope. And so the question is difficult to answer unequivocally, no, there are a lot of factors affecting the conversion, the quality of land to the speed of the ping to the host (for example).

  9. kavmaster

    Hello! Say I have a website devoted to Amateur radio, attendance at 2-3K a day. Lay out all sorts of schemes and at the end of the article leave the links to the parts used in the circuit in Ali. The goods are sold, but not as much as I would like. I want to make a separate shop who will stand on the subdomain. The question is, does it make sense to do the shop on the subdomain? I just read that the subdomain is poorly indexed, can the new domain to register? Just time to lose do not want, so I think now to do it or not.

    1. Glyzhev

      Hello. I would be doing in a separate folder, i.e. put welcomers and links would go like domain/shop, but again — there is nothing wrong if you do on the subdomain, indexed great, who wrote it — doesn't know how to make websites 😉 But again, I would in a folder on the main domain, but if you plan to just copy-paste and cover the goods with Breda description (automatic translation with Ali), this method may adversely affect the index of the site, so you'll have unikalizirovat or description of goods, or to do it on the subdomain.

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