A few days in Dalat

Big photo tour on the trip in Dalat. The town is very much as its location (high mountains), and the local atmosphere. Unlike Nha Trang, you can really relax the soul, good energy, pine trees and mountain air of this feature. In January the temperature kept at 25 degrees Celsius and at night drops to +12-15 degrees, so, if I decide to go there, stock up on warm clothes.

1. The road to the city lies among picturesque landscapes of mountain ranges and waterfalls. Views of the valley.

1. The road to Dalat

2. On the way to the city tourists are imported to the Lin Phuoc pagoda (Linh Phuoc Pagoda). The place is fun, but that's a topic for another article.

2. Photos pagoda Linh Phuoc, Dalat

3. Rented a room in the hotel Dalat Hotel Du Parc.

3. Dalat Hotel Du Parc

4. Evening lanterns.

4. Dalat Hotel Du Parc - entrance

5. A distinctive feature of the hotel is the old style. Staying here all the time you catch yourself thinking that back in the past years 70.

5. Dalat Hotel Du Parc - hall

6. The old Elevator. To ride it is a pleasure.

6. Dalat Hotel Du Parc - lift

7. Buttons.

7. Dalat Hotel Du Parc - buttons in the Elevator

8. Floor somehow reminded me of the PC game "Mafia 2".

8. Dalat Hotel Du Parc - floor

9. And this is the number. It smells like old man. Wooden floors, furniture, bed, everything fits the era, as well as a distinctive flavor that I remember from childhood was the smell of grandpa's chest.

9. Dalat Hotel Du Parc - standard room

10. Go for a walk. There are no palm trees, but there's such pine.

10. Pine trees in da lat

11. The visitor's center. Here you can get free city map and learn all that your heart desires. Be sure the card I recommend to take, because it has all the attractions of the city.

11. Visitor centre in da lat

12. A pleasant cafe.

12. Cafe in the Park.

13. And then there's the lake.

13. The lake in Dalat

14. Sell tangerine trees for the holiday.

14. Tangerine trees

15. Flowerbed

15. Flowerbed

16. Flower. The size of a baby's head. There are many.

16. Flower

17. More flowers.

17. More flowers

18. Cafe on the lake.

18. Cafe on the lake

19. I'll see you around!

19. I'll see you around!

20. One of the main roads. Yellow round wood in the center is the shopping Mall BIG C.

20. Central road

21. Trees for the holiday.

21. Trees

22. Path by the lake.

22. The road along the lake

23. Beautiful houses among the dense groves of coniferous trees. Most likely they give in — you will need to find out if we'll go next time.

23. Houses.


24. Villas on the lake

25. The building on the hill, don't know what it is.

25. The building

26. Flower garden (Dalat Flower Garden). Here, just a sea of various colors. This Park is worth to devote a separate article.

26. Flower garden - Dalat Flower Garden

27. Xuan Huong Lake. Located in the heart of the city.

27. Xuan Huong Lake

28. Cafe on the lake.

28. Pleasant cafe on lake Xuan Huong

29. Classic

29. Velo classic

30. Cafe.

30. Cafe

31. Since the city was founded by the French, it is logical to assume that the lat has its own "Eiffel" tower.

31. "Eiffel" tower

32. The luxury hotel.

32. Hotel near Dalat market

33. City market. Here you can buy a lot of things: cheap things are of poor quality, fruits, vegetables, Dalat strawberries, nuts, oils, etc.

33. The market in Dalat

34. The area in front of the market.

34. Market square

35. A view from a different angle.

35. The area in front of the market.

36. But as crowded here in the evening.

36. The market in Dalat in the evening

37. Hotel near the market.

37. The hotel

38. NGOC LAN hotel.

38. The hotel NGOC LAN

39. But so sell here aquarium fish.

39. Sell fish

40. Cafe in the center.

40. Cafe in the center.

41. Stores.

41. Stores.

42. Beauty.

42. Streets Of Dalat.

43. Stores with cheap shoes.

43. HAI

44. The picturesque streets.

44. Street.


45. Home

46. Adidas.

46. Adidas

47. Saigon Dalat Hotel.

47. The Saigon Dalat Hotel.
48. Saigon Dalat Hotel.


49. The windmill on the roof. I do not know for beauty or do produce something.

49. Night mill.

50. Cool morning at Hotel Du Parc, fresh air and pleasant views.

50. The view from our hotel window.

51. The local bus stand.

51. The bus station in Dalat.

52. We are heading for the cable car.

52. Parking at the cable car.

53. Here there are wonderful views that can be admired endlessly.

53. The view of the mountains.

54. On the opposite side you can admire the city.

54. The view of the city.

55. Panorama Of Da Lat. The wide building in the center, near the tower — our hotel.

55. Panorama Of Da Lat.

56. Cable car.

56. Cable car.

57. Greenhouses, gardens, houses.

57. Houses, farmland.

58. Flowers — many of them here.

58. Flowers.

59. The Central square of the city. Known for its creative architecture.

59. Central square.


60. Dome.

61. What are these warriors?

61. Fighting guys.

62. Pine trees are everywhere.

62. Evening landscape.

63. The bridge across the lake.

63. Bridge.

64. Park with a view of the local architecture.

64. Park.

65. That reminds?

65. Typical street.

66. Hotel "Diamond"

66. Hotel "Diamond"


67. At the bridge.

68. These trees are sold in pots. You can buy and put at home or to plant in the yard. Are you kidding me?

68. Trees for sale.

69. Watermelons at 5000 Dong.

69. Watermelons.

70. House? Cafe? Ship? Asylum in "Fallout case"? (Underline).

70. Cafe? Ship?


71. Alley

72. A mixture of styles. Some mix turned out. Don't know what it is.

72. A mixture of styles.

73. Railway station in da lat. As I understand it — it has no effect on the main purpose, but exists as a tourist attraction.

73. Railway station in da lat.


74. The station square.

75. At a certain time, here comes a classic train that rolls of tourists in the area.

75. The train for tourists.

76. Park.

76. In the center.


77. Shop.

78. In the evening it looks even more romantic.

78. Favorite cafe.

79. Sammy Hotel

79. The Hotel "Blue Sea Hotel"

80. Rain.

80. Rain

81. The hotel "Crazy House" — a madhouse.

81. The hotel "madhouse"

That's all for now. The following posts will tell about this "crazy hotel", waterfalls, walks on electrosynth in the woods and more. Subscribe to my Instagram, join the group — it will be more interesting.

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