"Hunting" the squirrels have nuts? And if you find!

28 December 2014. Tired of working. Worked hard from February to December without a break, what to do? You need to communicate with nature, to get energy and positive. It was — slammed the lid of the laptop, threw in a bag of your favorite Nikon D800 with Nikkor 28-300 and went to the Park to chat with the squirrels 🙂 .

Energetic woodpecker.

Woodpecker on the tree

A meeting of high-ranking Raven.

Crows in December

A lone Raven.

Lonely Raven

Nuts are? And if you find!

Protein in Krasnodar

Nuts no.

Running protein.


Hi! 🙂

Greetings from proteins.

Protein photos

Proteins in Krasnodar

A squirrel with a nut

Squirrels in the forests

Huge protein.

Squirrel on pine needles.

The result — a lot of positive emotions, the mood. While on this all. All happy new year, Friends! Now ponder the topic for a new case 😉

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