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"It's just amazing!" "Great! This solves many issues!" Such thoughts appeared in my head when I found this wonderful plugin to optimize WordPress. It's called WordPress SEO by Yoast and looking ahead, I note — it has all the necessary tools for proper optimization of your website or blog.

I'm not doing a detailed review of all features of this miracle, confine myself to the main points. In a network it is enough reviews on the plugin, so if you want to find and read. Now, let's get to the fun part.

Optimization of Title and Description

Today it is one of the main points of optimization articles on your website. The correct title is half the battle, and properly supplementing his Description only contributes to the proper ranking of a website in search engines and increase CTR of the snippet in the results.

Here it pleased me a settings tab in WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Optimize WordPress Seo

Here you can ask anything you want, starting delimiter and ending with the pattern descriptions to the archives. Also you can prevent the indexing of the records archives, to choose force rewrite titles, if the standard method does not work.

The plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast

The undoubted advantage is the ability to specify meta tags for categories.

Optimization settings WordPress headings

So, earlier I had to use a separate plugin Category SEO Meta Tags, and now just go to the edit drop-down lists and you can set any Title and Description.

Social network

To connect your site to Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus is now easier than ever. Go to plugin options and fill in all the needed settings. I do not use, but some I think will be useful 🙂

 WordPress SEO by Yoast settings, SEO

Creating XML site maps

Previously to create the card I used the plugin Google XML Sitemaps. Now it is no longer necessary. On a separate tab you can configure the site map properly, determine what is included and what is not.

WordPress SEO optimization

As you can see, by default this is enabled ping to Google and Bing, however, if you have enough, you can still enable ping Yahoo! and So we got rid of another plugin.

Settings CNC (permanent links)

Generally in WordPress you can customize permalinks and no plugins, but there are moments like that in the options of engine no. This is for example the complete exclusion "category" of the addresses of columns. For these purposes, I previously used the plugin WP No Category Base, and now of course it is not needed.

Setting up CNC on WordPress

There you can also enable forcibly add a slash to the address, if any available. By the way it may appear on some themes when you enable pagination, which I myself faced a few days ago 🙂 . Total 3 plugin we do not need, move on.

"Bread crumbs"

WordPress SEO by Yoast allows you to add simple and quick "Bread crumbs" on your website or blog. Previously I used them for the plugin Breadcrumb NavXT. It is certainly more flexible in the settings, but is it for everyone? The answer is obvious.

Breadcrumbs on WordPress

Here you can quickly and easily set all the necessary parameters to display "bread crumbs" and immediately get ready code for embedding in the template of your website. Will only "poshamanit" with CSS and wonderful navigation ready 🙂 . The result — minus 4 plugin.

Import and export

If you decide to switch to WordPress SEO by Yoast with other SEO plugins like the popular All In One SEO Pack and want to do it without consequences for a site, use the built-in import module.

Website optimization with WordPress SEO by Yoast

Immediately, I note — I have not tried to do that, so can't judge how well and effectively the migration 🙂

Mass editor

If suddenly you decide to change the optimization of all the articles of your blog, you can use the module "Mass editor" which will allow convenient video overwrite each Title every article on the site.

Optimizing WordPress is easy

File editor

Just too lazy can quickly create and edit the file robots.txt right in the plugin. Also here you can edit .htaccess, which is very convenient.

Robots.txt for WordPress with WordPress SEO by Yoast

You can easily and quickly create a file robots.txt automatically append any instructions and save them.

Webmaster tools

A little bonus for those who are going to add a "fresh" site tools Yandex and Google Webmaster. Now to verify the website just enter in these fields the data that is required by the system.

 WordPress SEO by Yoast

What is the result?

The plugin has various options and settings, I told only about those, who like me personally. What we have in the end: one great product replaces as much as 5 plugins! A definite plus is that all of the described functionality available in the free version and more than enough. I do not know how much is the Premium variant and what they "have Nepali", but really, without him accurately dispense 🙂

Для справки: на главном фото изображены семена Чиа. Это не какой-то там очередной оффер или заморское чудо-средство, а вполне себе классный продукт, который выращивают в Парагвае. Столовая ложка Чиа с медом по своей питательности может заменить завтрак, а наличие антиоксидантов и кислот омега-3, омега-6 делают Чиа невероятно полезными для здоровья. Кстати майя, ацтеки, инки – употребляли семена ЧИА как один из важнейших продуктов в рационе.


Video for new version of the plugin

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