Why you shouldn't have Yandex.The metric in the widget on the website

The story is very unusual and cost me much thought, as well as 2 month partially lost traffic and hope some can shed some light, since you'll be in a similar situation.

What was

And I have a website – quite a good resource which I of a few months hyped up and attendance of 10-12K uniques a day. Actively develop it, I started in may 2013 and by December of this year there were about 14 000 unique visitors a day, but go to the heart of the story. Starting to actively work on the site, I installed the code Yandex Metrics and regularly monitor performance.

The work was carried out and the traffic steadily grew, instilling in me the joy and confidence in the future. I constantly worked on the site, adding not only new content daily, but “picking” pattern, installing various modules and otherwise improving the resource. Notice, after you install the code metrics average bounce rate established on a bracket of 18-20%, which is very good for sites on this subject, but...

The evening of October 4 notice that the bounce rate has dramatically become 58-60%, as if picked up and added 40%. And yet, they continue, the situation began to deteriorate and by December bounce was already about 65%, which of course is almost immediately affected the position.

Bounce rate in Yandex.The metric

So, by mid-November, the traffic from Yandex has fallen by approximately 30% , but I worked on the site, so a large drawdown is not noticed, due to new articles under the bass keys. Of course I tried to change code, taking the new, changed settings, metrics, and put in another widget, but nothing changed.

Growth failure in Yandex.The metric

Mystic it?

So many days I wondered and tried to understand what all the same thing, while the soul to me is not suggested to try to remove the code metrics out of the body of the widget and stick it in header.php (Yes the website is on wordpress). And the miracle after a few hours I saw the bounce rate in the statistics began to melt at the sight and reached the coveted umeki in ...

Reducing the bounce rate

Maybe a mistake?

Errors cannot be: today, one code was showing as tomorrow indicators are “corrupted”, although the code had not been touched and nothing changed. I tend to think that some of the existing scripts have influenced the work of counter metrics.


  1. Yandex metric directly affects the traffic to the site from Yandex. This fact is well known and indisputable, proven me repeatedly on different sites.
  2. In any case, do not be lazy and install the code Yandex.Metrics (and Google Analytics) to widgets on WordPress, as this can violate the correctness of the calculation of your statistics.


  1. Andrew

    And if you do not put counters from Yandex and Google? There are, I have reason to believe that the way the site itself is "knocking" on the search engines...

    1. Senya

      That of course, but then the Vario a put if the site is good and working on behavioral. But now all infa palitsya in chrome and other browsers, search engines see everything.

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