Why optimize videos on YouTube

Today we will talk about some steps that are probably used by professionals, but most newbies probably just ignore these things, but in vain.

What do we have?

Quite young and a specific channel on YouTube which goes like "appendage" to my online magazine about Thailand. As expected from the appendage, the particular work it did not produce, but simply poured to publish video through the player on the website.

Of course in may 2014 began the decline of interest in the holiday in Thailand, as well as the number of visitors to the site plummeted. It was decided by all means to finalize the project and all of its "add-ons" in order to the beginning of the season (was to be by autumn 2014) to raise the traffic on the site several times 🙂 .

So, the first stage of optimization and was the YouTube channel.

What did I do?

First of all, I do not follow the recommendations of YouTube, because then the experiment would not be clean. Recall that the optimization channel is an important moment in his promotion and YouTube offers a few simple steps, which can be found in the right sidebar of your channel. But more on that later 🙂


So, I decided to start with the video and do the following:

  1. To modify the tags on each video (some had none)
  2. Add a "personalized" icon on each video
  3. Do not touch until the description, since at that time the channel had more than 90 video and write 90 articles Oh how did not want.

It should also be noted that subscribers it is very small, only 10-11 people 🙂

The results are already visible after a week or two after work

Video optimization on YouTube

A no, but still the growth 🙂

Improvement videos on YouTube

But the time statistics are hits, too, we see a clear growth.

Increase the time watching videos

Also very telling statistics on the sources of hits.


There is clearly seen an increase in hits after optimization of video, in particular in the sources on which to bet:

  • Related videos (working "personalized" badges)
  • Guide YouTube (subscriptions, home, etc.)

Not to mention the quality of the icons. I used photos from his collection, treated them in every way, in order to give greater appeal, and in some cases also suffered from the headers. Here's how it looks now (click).

Optimization of icons video on YouTube

Sorry I didn't screenshot as it was "before" 🙂 .

What are some other observations. First of all, it is worth noting that adding a heap of tags (labels) on each video until significant results in the YouTube search has not given special and no growth.

Why optimize videos on YouTube

Although there is also a double-edged sword because the decline in interest in holidays in Thailand directly affects the number of requests to put it simply — they're smaller, but as you can see — we are not particularly affected.

What else can you do?

1. First and foremost is to optimize the channel according to the recommendations of YouTube.

2. Next is to add in each video description is about 1000-1500 characters, and add labels over time.

3. Add the video (which is not) different annotations and callouts to other vidosy on our channel 🙂 .

That's all for now, I hope the information was useful for you. Subscribe to newsletter, if so 😉

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