The results of BestFly plugin 2.0

The article how to earn on travel sites I briefly talked about our new plugin that was created specifically for affiliate program Aviasales. The purpose of the creation thereof — to try other methods of converting user travel blogs, and not standard forms of search, and so that all become boring.

Sale is!

At the time of writing that article had too few tests, and as test BestFly anywhere except your blog about Thailand, I could not have had time to collect some intelligence. Looking ahead to say — the conversion is!

Since the season began in Thailand, the number of visitors of my blog increased almost 2 times, and therefore transitions to the program became more, here are the statistics from September 9 to today:

The results of BestFly plugin 2.0

But how many events:

Transitions to the affiliate for the sale of tickets

Just received 717 transitions, of which most often passed on "Teaser N1", it is not surprising — it is always installed in the right direction (relevant to the content of the article):

Teaser number 1 in the plugin

The total conversion rate is about 2%.

Plugin for selling tickets - the conversion of

Is there a sale?

Here begins the most interesting. Despite the fact that the bulk of transitions (approximately 65%) are in the teaser blocks was not a sale with them. Visitors go to the search Aviasales, but the book is not desire. On the one hand this is understandable, as the traffic I have information only and not for "ticket", therefore it is logical to assume that users are interested in just the low price, and buying intentions they have.

Nevertheless, sales have and they go with the sidebar. Convertible to a floating widget, which we did in the first place and it is available in the free version BestFly 2.0

Earnings on the sale of tickets to Travelpayouts

2 weeks of November there were only 3 order (1 brace), earned approximately 2580 RUB. as for the widget, in Analytics it's the 2 events: "button with a price" and "button search".

Sale of tickets - earnings

Button that leads to the search of ANKOR "Other dates" and it transitions a little more. Unfortunately, we didn't even think of separating them and creating a separate token, so it is impossible to determine what kind of button sales occur. In the statistics only shows that the sale occurred through the marker that was installed in the sidebar:

Earnings from the widget sidebar

Of course, as I recommended in my video, for each column was created as a separate sidebars and marked with individual markers, titles, directions etc. Watch this video below.

What is the conclusion?

A few findings:

1. When a non-standard approach you can earn money by selling tickets with travel blogs and informational, even if article was not originally designed for the sale thereof.

2. The teasers give a pretty good CTR, but the audience is rather interested in low price and in most cases do not buy.

3. We need tests on sites that originally made under the sale of tickets, this is where you can "tighten" the teasers that they provide conversions.

Download the plugin here (link removed, the project is closed). There is a paid version and a free. As mentioned above — a widget for sidebar available in the free version. Moreover, if you are the owner of a popular website that is created specifically for the sale of tickets, I'm willing to give you the PRO version of the plugin for free, for tests that will allow us to effectively Refine existing functionality.


  1. Yurik

    For a site on automotive topics something possible to do with plugin "BestFly", or it only works on tourism Aviasales?!

    1. Glyzhev

      The plugin looks for the tickets, and that there is associated with the automotive theme? Taxi transfers? More please.

      1. Yurik

        no, no ... I'm on a course not fully understand ... the video just didn't look at the time.

        something I thought that the plugin BestFly analogue to that offered on Aliexpress (the withdrawal of any product from the category) ... and here I understand a slightly different "subject" ))

        1. Glyzhev

          And what do you specifically need? Can display anything in a separate plugin any goods.

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