What to eat "Deeplink"?

By signing up for the regular CPA network, the first thing I'm looking is offers and deeplinks (Deeplink) and if this instrument is not implemented, it often happens that just do not work with them. So, what is this "Deeplink" and how to use it properly, I'll tell you in this article.

A bit of theory

So, Deeplink can be translated to English as "deep link", well, actually so this tool is. Use deeplink very handy if for example you want to give an affiliate link for a certain product in the store-the offer.

For example:

You have your own group Vkontakte about watches and you want to sell her a watch. One of the users in the group asking where to buy a certain model, like the watch Scuderia Ferrari. If you give him an affiliate link to the store itself, then it is likely that he simply will not find the right product in the store. Then you need to do for maximum conversion? Of course — give it a direct affiliate link to the product, so that the user can buy, and you get your percentage from the sale 🙂 .


So, I will continue to develop the theme with the sale hours. Take for example the now popular offer The store pays for each sale of 0.63%-11,11% and work with them very profitable.

Get deeplink

Open the website of the store in search of trying to drive the Scuderia Ferrari. Find the right model, which we asked the potential buyer hovers the mouse on the heading, press the right button and just copy the link.

Deeplink to affiliate link and AD1

Then go to your CPA network, such as Admitad and there we find the Deeplink tool. Not so long ago they made it to the main menu, that really made it easier, especially if you have a lot of offers 🙂 .

How to Deeplink in the CPA Admitad

Now in the drop-down lists choose our website, the program (in this case, AllTime), attributed to a Sub-ID Tracking and insert the link in the box below. Now press the button "Generate" and get an affiliate link for the needed item.

Deeplink in the Admitad - how to work?

Copy it, paste it in browser and check if it works.

How to configure deeplink in Armitage

Works. But the link is very long and this is not the case — you need to shorten it. For these purposes, it is best to use This "sokraschatel" needs no introduction, and additional opportunities to view advanced statistics on your links, can not but rejoice 🙂 . I recommend to sign up or sign in through Facebook in order to get advanced features. The screenshot below explains how it works.

Scoresheet deeplinks using

Ready! Now, in addition to beautiful and short reference you will see the statistics of clicks on it — it's really cool 🙂 .

Deeplink to affiliate link using bitly

This link can be share on Vkontakte and YouTube, but actually wherever your heart desires.

Deeplink to AD1

The program AD1 all slightly different, but the principle is roughly the same. Offer AllTime I have not found, so showed on the example of Wikimart. Note the screenshots below. To get started go to the interface of the program and there choose "My programs".

Deeplink to AD1

Click "get link" in the column "Action" or "create link", depending on what you were doing before.

Deeplink to AD1

Input stream settings. Here we choose our offer, traffic type, stream type, and specify an arbitrary name.

It is better to write clear name and not something like "wth1", because then it will be difficult to navigate 🙂 .

At the bottom click on create thread and voila! It is now possible to Deeplink.

Custom deeplink in AD1

Open the desired item in the store and copy the link.

Offer Vikimart

Enter the name of a sub-account, insert a product link in the "Deeplink" and below, in the "Your link" get ready, affiliate link to the product you 🙂 .

Deeplink in AD1 offer Wikimart

Deeplink to offer AD1 Wikimart

Don't forget to click the button "Save" at the bottom.

Deeplink in CPA

You can also put a link for return traffic "Trafficback URL". This will be useful if for example, your offer (in this case, Wikimart) is disabled, or if you just don't fit GEO visitor, they will be redirected to your link (e.g. to another store, offer etc). And of course don't forget to shorten it.

Video: Deeplink in AD1 and Admitad

Well, that's all. Subscribe, click like, if the information was useful and of course ask questions — we will decide together 🙂 .

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