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The online store on OpenCart 3. Production time — 3 days. Included: domain for 1 year hosting for 1 month premium template.



Please note! This item can be paid only after approval of order and this can be done here

OpenCart is one of the best management systems online store. Suitable for simple sites with a small number of goods and more complex with a large amount of goods, data and attributes.

The price includes:

  1. A convenient template
  2. Domain name (paid for 1 year)
  3. Hosting (paid for 1 month)
  4. A simple logo
  5. Appendix 10 test products and 10 sections
  6. Basic SEO (optimization for search engines)
  7. Personal video tutorial: 30 minute video, which clearly show how to manage the shop and give recommendations for the promotion.


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