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Look — I travel often and travel often have to work literally "on the knee". Projects quite a lot and all you need to follow. Besides the usual monitoring site statistics and seeing earnings, there are several projects on which work partners and journalists, and therefore need to monitor their work, to moderate the articles, etc.

Usually I work on your favorite Mac Book Pro Retina, but it is not always convenient to carry it with you, especially if you're going to take a trip to the Islands and to drag a 15-inch piece of iron there is no desire.

A trip to the island

What is the laptop?

Here comes to the aid of your Android smartphone. At the moment I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and it all suits me: large screen, S Pen and powerful hardware. So, go to Google Play and download the needed set of software to work.

1. Analytics applications

I have long since abandoned statistics on their websites and only use Yandex Metric and Google Analytics. In Google Play there is a great official program.

The Google Analytics app for Android
Google Analytics
Analytics Google on your smartphone
Software for Analytics on your smartphone

The app gives full statistics on the site and you don't even have to go into the web interface of Google Analytics, and all to watch here. Available in almost full functionality.

As for Yandex Metric, while a worthy app for Android no. In Google Play of course you can find different designs and even have a paid program, but I have not tested since the interface is absolutely not impressed. But there's such a "delicious" widgets, which can be littered with the free tab on the desktop phone and blissed out watching the statistics 🙂

Yandex Metrika for Android

Download this thing here. By the way, the screenshot shows some set of software I use, read more below.

2. Browsers and passwords

Since I always use different complex passwords in all services and sites. Even back in 2006, I wondered — how to save and synchronize all your passwords in order to remember and not write them. The solution was found quickly in the form of program Roboform (of. website), which has been successfully integrated into all popular browsers on PC has an online sync and is able to save all of your usernames and passwords in an encrypted container.

Over time, there is any optionthat can display all your passwords in a convenient way, of course synchronized online between the other computers. It is certainly very cool and comfortable.

RoboForm for Android
RoboForm Password Manager for Android

RoboForm Password Manager also has a built-in browser, but it is very inconvenient. As for the plugin, today there are modules for Dolphin Browser and Firefox, that's why I'm using the first along with Google Chrome.

It's all very simple — open the desired website, then pulls out the side menu on the right and click on the icon "Roboform".

RoboForm plugin for Dolphin Browser Android

Then the fields with the username and password are automatically filled in. Well damn are you kidding me?

But it's so cool we can organize shortcuts to your favorite affiliate programs 🙂

The Dolphin browser for Android

now you can get into the office in just 2 clicks.

Of additional plugins to the "Dolphin" can be noted Alexa Rank. All he does is shows the rank for websites.

The Alexa Rank for the Dolphin Browser

As for Chrome, I use it on Mac and on Android with mutual synchronization, but would like more features and extensions.

3. Work

First of all, we should mention the official Google Adsense app. Everything is done very best and comfortable, there is a tremendous widget for your desktop.

The Adsense app for Android

As in the case of Google Analytics, the app has all the necessary statistics to monitor earnings. You can view the data by income for any period, separating the channels, platforms, blocks. You can also see the statistics of the individual unit, display graphics and more.

Google Adsense app
Adsense for Android app
The Adsense app for Android
Google Adsense - Android version

Before Yandex "killed" all Copy, I actively worked with Yan, and used their official widget to display income, here it is:

Yandex advertising network widget for Android

Unlike Adsense, it is utterly devoid of any features — stupidly to reflect earnings, but thanks 🙂 .

In addition, now we can get clients to affiliate programs. In particular, those who work with Actionpay can use their app, it is of course still far from ideal, but all the data you can watch.

Actionpay app for Android
Actionpay client for Android
Offers Actionpay for Android

As you can see, you can also contemplate the offer, to observe the emergence of new, etc.

4. FTP clients

Of course software for connecting via FTP there are many, but I will highlight only one Solid Explorer.

Solid Explorer is an FTP client for webmasters

The app allows you to connect to any servers using the protocols: FTP, SFTP, SMB and WebDAV (HTTP). Moreover, Solid Explorer can connect directly to cloud services.

FTP client for Android

It works pretty quickly, and the application itself is very comfortable.

5. Documents and content

Yes, Yes, first of all there was dominated Evernote. This versatile notebook I use everywhere and widget for Android certainly has its place on the desktop of my smartphone.

Evernote on Android
Evernote widget for Android

I think Evernote is so popular that needs no introduction.

Office documents

To work with Microsoft Office documents I like WPS Office. This is a great app works with all popular document formats and I have to admit — it's very convenient.

Check out how I processed the semantic core for a site about Thailand, waiting for a bus at Suvarnabhumi airport 🙂 .

The office on Android for webmasters

This way without the S Pen it would be almost impossible to do, therefore, recommend to buy Note 3 or Note 4 for work.

Publishing content

For these purposes, I use the browser. Yes to edit the posts in Chrome on a mobile device is not very convenient, but possible. And if you need something urgently to correct the article or to register meta tags, it is quite possible to do.

The WordPress app for Android

Of course there is also the WordPress app and one time I tried to use, but works brilliantly kills all the amenities.

That's all for now. And what app are you using? Share in the comments 🙂

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  1. George

    Roboform cool program, it is necessary to buy. To work outside the home using tablet Galaxy Note 10.1))) is Pretty handy)

  2. Maria

    Can't share programs, I'm just starting out in the Internet to work, but not to say that You have a cool blog and mega-useful articles just can't! Thank you!)

  3. WebSuccess

    The app is undoubtedly useful, but to work with content via smartphone is a nightmare as...

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