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You need to create an online store on WooCommerce? I want to do everything yourself, as cheaply as possible and not pay web studios? As may seem surprising, but there are such methods and one of them is the Store WebPoint template for WordPress + WooCommerce.

Regular viewers of my channel know that I often show various ways of creating online stores, using premium templates, different plugins and modules, but all this is a long, tedious and requires some technical knowledge and skills. Here are links to the courses:

Lessons, no doubt, excellent, but there are so many things you need to do is download, upload, update, transfer and so on.

There is a method much easier

At once I recommend to watch video, you may not have to read.

Looked? Do you like it? Below, write out the process step by step, so you have a clear plan of action.

Step 1

Registration hosting, domain name and connection free ssl certificate.

It's very simple, and certainly worth it. I was told repeatedly about different hosting and showed the process of registration and obtaining the certificate. It can be Beget, MChost, TimeWeb , or any other. The principle of operation will be approximately the same.

Domain registration hosting Beget
  1. Register the selected domain
  2. Select the cheapest rate hosting (for one website will suffice)
  3. Connected to domain free certificate.
Connection free certificate Beget

Proceed to the second stage, but if you have any difficulty with the first view this video explain in detail the terminology and show you an example of one of hostings.

Step 2

Download the archive with the template called Unpack it no need. Just go to file Manager on the hosting

File Manager on hosting

and upload the archive to the directory "of your domain/public_html"

Uploaded the archive with the template

and unpack it in this directory.

Create a database "MySQL Management" — "Add".

Creating a MySQL database

Step 3

Now you can run the installer by typing in the browser https://вашдомен/installer.php and follow the instructions of the installer. The output you get a fully working online shop on WordPress + WooCommerce, which can only add products and develop.

Also don't forget to change the settings of WordPress by itself, change your email delivery options, payment, WooCommerce, etc.

What are the advantages of this decision?

  1. The ability to quickly run the store (ideal for beginners);
  2. All required plugins in the set;
  3. High speed pattern;
  4. Built-in SEO;
  5. Optimized code;
  6. Adaptive design;
  7. A user-friendly interface.
The speed at GTMetrix

Customize the color and design

In this video you will learn how to quickly and easily change the color settings to connect third-party font from Google Fonts, and add a beautiful slider for the home page. In order to facilitate this process, I have added your styles to the text file and you will easily be able to apply them in the template settings.

How to add a currency switch

In this video tutorial I show how to quickly add a second currency, set up automatic conversion and remove the currency switch to the widget on the site.

Links from the tutorial:

  • WebPoint template Store — official site
  • Promo code discount — beprofy
  • Hosting Beget — link

Scrolled down and saw the video? To quickly navigate and view the lesson click here

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