WooCommerce is a 5 minutes blitz lessons

The shorter — the better! Often we are looking for a video answer to a question or the solution to any problem and have no desire to watch boring, half-hour videos. That is why I decided to create a new format of video lessons where I will show various "chips" and solutions, trying to stay within 5 minutes.

Lessons on WordPress + WooCommerce

On this page you can find all available blitz tutorials on WordPress + WooCommerce. For your convenience there is also navigation + a short description to each video. I recommend to bookmark, as the page is constantly updated.

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  1. Do the easy AJAX cart
  2. How to remove the extra field at checkout
  3. Do a quick search for products drop-down list
  4. The fastest way to transfer the site to HTTPS
  5. The currencies plugin for WordPress WooCommerce course and switch

How to make a basket for AJAX lesson 1

In this video we install the plugin Woo Side Cart to create a pleasant basket in your online store. The plugin works in AJAX. Simply put it, make the necessary settings and enjoy.

How to remove unnecessary fields in the order — lesson 2

In the form checkout, WooCommerce very many fields and often 90% of them are superfluous and unnecessary. In this tutorial I show you not only how to remove all unnecessary fields, but also how to add custom fields, to make choice of options when ordering, and much more.

How to make quick product search — lesson 3

Now it's time to make a quick and easy search. Always nice when when you enter the first letters of your query, Yandex immediately gives the available options, as if reading your thoughts. That's what we're forced to work WordPress using the plugin Advanced Search Woo in this video. A simple and quick search.

How to quickly move your website to HTTPS

In this tutorial show the easiest and fast way to transfer your WordPress site to HTTPS. For example, the test store, you can make sure that this process is very fast. All you need: get a free certificate from your host and apply it to the website using the plugin Really Simple SSL.

2 how to add currency and switch

In the 5th blitz tutorial I tell you how you can quickly and easily add a second currency to your online store running WordPress + WooCommerce and make a switch currencies on the site. Plus the way it works at the exchange rate obtained from the Bank converts the price automatically. Minus method — the free version of WooCommerce plugin Booster for only 2 currency, although many will be enough.

To be continued...

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