YouTube and CPA — a double profit

Topic and this is not new, not old, but actively used by some or many owners of channels on YouTube. But once it is successfully used avnery the popular channels, then why not recommend it to beginners? So I did some thinking and decided to tell the proven scheme of earning on YouTube for CPA affiliate programs.

How to get 2x earnings on YouTube?

You probably know (or guessed) that on YouTube you can earn and earn quite a lot. Top bloggers and various entertainers (such as +100500) earn their videos several hundreds, or even thousands of evergreen in the day (Yes, on the day 🙂 ). Of course they have a huge audience and it creates their earnings with Google advertising and etc. Let's analyze in detail how it works.

When you watch the video you broadcast from several types of advertising:

Advertising on YouTube
  1. Video before the beginning of the video (or inside the case)
  2. The banner over the video
  3. Banner next to the video block on the right

When clicked on the advertisement, the channel owner receives a certain sum, which is divided into 2-with the YouTube. Here the logic is simple — more videos, more views — more money 🙂 How to set up the monetization in this way on your channel I will tell in the following article, and if you can't wait, you can find online — these manuals in bulk, but now not about it.

As to "squeeze" even more with video?

Well for those who have your online store. They can devise a competent strategy to record video reviews of products and with the right approach, these videos will give much more sales than the store itself. If you belong to this category and do not know how to implement it, can email me through the form of feedback and I will develop for you a strategy with a detailed explanation 🙂

But what if your store is not? Here we come to the aid CPA affiliate programs. Now there is a CPA era, so there are a lot of affiliate programs and every day there are more and more. Among other offers there are and "the goods mail", which often a lot of "tasty" things with considerable contributions to the webmasters.

There are 2 ways

1. Just sit down and think what kind of stuff can be interesting for the targeted audience to your channel, and then locate it in among the offers and offer its viewers. You can add a link in the description of the video, you can also briefly tell about the product before or after the main video — show creativity and sales go. How to create short affiliate link to the product described in the article:

What to eat Deeplink?

2. Earnings in the Chinese shops. In this field a striking example is the offer Aliexpress. You can find it in all time, and the payout is 4% of the amount paid order. As Ali payment comes immediately, the percentage of approved orders is very high. Another issue is that Chinese goods are cheap and even sold at$ 100, you will receive 4 bucks 🙂 . However, to earn extra money can.

Earnings with affiliate link on YouTube

Of course eCPC is not particularly impressive, but the products are different. In fact, you can monetize any channel, as for each there is something "in theme".

You can go even further, but this would require a small budget. By the way, so a work — order various goods on Aliexpress, rent reviews and unpacking parcels, but many do not know that you can leave an affiliate link to the product in the description of the video and to make this extra money 🙂 .

A few tips

Immediately see: why you should optimize your YouTube channel

If you have a channel:

  1. Pick a marketable offer, which in your opinion will be interesting for the audience of your channel
  2. Let's link to the offer in the description to the video after the first two lines (can be earlier)
  3. Add in every new video a short video in which you tell about the product and, ideally, demonstrate
  4. Write on each video optimized text, put the timings in the video

If not channel:

  1. Create a YouTube channel in the topic in which you are most knowledgeable and will be able a lot to tell your viewers
  2. Initially, consider what goods you can sell in your video that you most often buy your audience
  3. Find matching offers to known CPA affiliate programs
  4. Remove the reviews of these products and sell them through its own channel.

That's all for now, subscribe to updates and ask questions 🙂

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