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A little water for a few days, I thought this case would be more available to present it, so that any newcomer did. Now it seems like gathered a bunch of ideas, and what happened read below.

What is AliExpress?

Probably few people know, so I just have to tell you in theory. So is one of the most popular online stores of the Chinese group Alibaba Group, where you can buy everything your heart desires. Yes, you can order all sorts of gadgets at very low prices, this is where our entrepreneurs to offers of the type "Socks Suck" and "Set self" 🙂 , here bought their products many "new trends" that are in the markets of your city. In short — it has everything!

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By spending only 10-15 minutes to study the interface of this store, any user can order any thing and get it after a certain period of time.

How to order on AliExpress?

I recorded a small video tutorial for users of one of my projects, put it here, just watch and all will become clear.

So how can you earn money?

See, there are several options that together, you can easily go to 30 000 RUB in a month of sales, with no product, no own shop, just a fresh mind and a desire to work.

1. Make money on YouTube

I have already partly touched on this method:

YouTube + CPA — a double profit

The method is as follows:

  • look for products which can be in trend in your opinion, or by using services like Google Trends.
  • if possible, order one unit and make it a video review with a straight face, trying to show all the users in the best way
  • upload videos to YouTube with proper optimized description (1000 characters + the keys in the text and the header tags)
  • in the description of set Ref. the link to this item on AliExpress (read below how to make)
  • if you can not order the product, you can use other people's videos from YouTube (not recommended of course), to upload them on your channel and also to sell.

With the right approach, the proper optimization of the video, it will come out in the top of Google and YouTube, goes views. People will look at your review of the product will go to the store through your affiliate link and for each sale you will receive your percentage.

According to my observation — audience on YouTube is very "warm", meaning they are ready to buy a product immediately after watching the video, and the conversion of such users is higher than on the website.

2. Earn Vkontakte

The essence of the method:

  • create a group of public or under a specific product (group of products)
  • adding 20-30 posts about this product preferably with a unique description, photos and videos — be creative 🙂
  • 4-10 adding videos of the product in the "Video" section in the group
  • create the window (album) of pictures of this product, trying to choose high-quality images
  • promote public / group with all means available (target for such communities, the placement of the posts in other groups, etc).

Of course every post, photo, video, in the description, attach an affiliate link to the product in the store.

Important: create a live chat, an atmosphere of support and assistance. Create a discussion where users will be able to write what product they bought, what looking for what is good and what is bad.

Case: cases for iPhone 6

First of all go to Wordstat and collect the keys:

Earn on AliExpress

Next, go on AliExpress and there are looking for all products under the selected key. Here is a case of "cover for iPhone 6"

How to make money on AliExpress

Select all the noteworthy cases with good images, persistent links to the item in a notebook, and the pictures sorted in special folders that are numbered. Then in the Notepad in front of each link put folder number:

How to make money on Aliexpress

Of course you do it for yourself, so then you can quickly and easily navigate through the albums, do the deep linking and much more.

Next you need to create a public album, which also is called keyword: cases for iPhone 6, cover for IPhone 6. The album downloaded our pictures and have them affix affiliate links to the product formed in a certain way.

How to create an affiliate link?

As far as I know, AliExpress is now the offer is in Review and AD1. You need to register for the affiliate program (if you haven't already), and then find this offer and connect to it.

Next you just need to choose a product on AliExpress that will sell and create deeplink, all 1 to 1, as written in this article, but... There is one point that should be taken into account. The fact that Vkontakte blocked domains affiliate programs and the user just won't put on the links from the pages, so you need to use a third-party domain. It's very simple:

how to attach a single domain to multiple affiliate programs

Read? I hope the issues have disappeared by themselves, but one correction — the reference for VC is better not to cut in a, and in their own service It is better for user experience within the social network.

Back to covers for iPhones. Continuing to edit in Notepad the file that was created earlier, set about such a scheme.

Earnings on Aliexpress

This is done purely for your convenience. Now go to your VK public and post the photos in a separate album created earlier. In the description of the photo put pre-prepared links: "buy here link", "order link". In principle, all that remains is to develop the community, help users, and sales will go.

3. Earn on the website

This is the most interesting, the most effective but also the most labor-intensive method. Just note that the case covers the iPhone 6 is not really suitable for earnings on the sites, since the Commission from the sale of this product will be small, and the work of writing articles, collecting keys, and the promotion of the project quite a lot.

It is best to find an unoccupied niche products in the middle price range 50-250$ per unit. It can be gadgets, and various accessories such as: belts, bags, home goods and more. In the first phase you have to do a lot of work to find niches and the semantic core of the future site.

Earn on AliExpress

Then create a website on WordPress, write reviews on products according to the collected core and in the description put a button for purchasing the product. Notice that in the case of the website you connect and the previous 2 ways — make the video for website and YouTube channel with reviews of the product.

This method is in my opinion the best and I actively use it now. And the sales are everywhere at once and on YouTube and on the website and Vkontakte.

4. Create store based on XML feeds

Initially I did not want to include this method in this article since it will still be a separate case, but looking ahead to say, now we are developing a plugin for convenient export to WordPress on the principle of "plug and play", which is enough to put only XML feed store and get through 2 minutes of all the goods in the form of a fully completed drafts on your website. The release will be later and my detailed manual also.

How much can you earn?

How to make money Admitad on Aliexpress

How to make money on Aliexpress

How to make money Admitad

The screenshots speak for themselves. Examples of the sources will not lead, except to say that there is realized the 3rd item in this case. Soon, however, we will try XML feeds for stores, what will be a large case, but it later 🙂

Just read: what is affiliate for AliExpress best

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  1. Shasha

    And the affiliate link leads to the particular store or landing aliexpress?

    1. Glyzhev

      It is already as I want, I make for a particular product, just not every seller agrees to pay 4%, some do not pay, others pay, but less.

      1. Shasha

        Thanks for the reply! You have an interesting blog, and most importantly available)

        1. Glyzhev

          Thank you)

          1. Vova123

            excuse me, but I do not understand a lot left... can more explain? maybe a video tutorial?

          2. Glyzhev

            probably will, but now there is a series of lessons on creation of the store. Write specifically what is not clear, in order to know what the lesson focus.

          3. Mariko

            Hello! only today stumbled upon Your website and say "thank you" for the info and article! now the question is — lessons on creation of the store will be paid? just not familiar with Your policy (sale or "give in good hands"). And as if not to trace when they get out? AAA's and more — this theme with the creation of a shop or commercial Windows haven't jammed with competitors to the limit? Thanks in advance for answers:)

          4. Glyzhev

            Hello. The lessons are free, all are on my channel. Here is the first if you do not know how to do sites, I recommend to watch and "zero" which shows how to create a website.

          5. Maxim

            And if the person is passed by reference, but bought another item?

  2. andrey

    I joined the affiliate program really Ali.create a group of to create affiliate links?

  3. Svetlana

    Hello Kevin you this plugin is developed it is already available ? Here you wrote about this plugin for convenient export to WordPress on the principle of "plug and play", which is enough to put only XML feed store and get through 2 minutes of all the goods in the form of a fully completed drafts on your website. He is ready ?

    1. Beprofy

      Hello. I don't do plugin development at the moment. Ready-made solutions I have.

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